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Fiverr Experience is very bad

My fiverr experience is now going very bad. No order come in last 11 days. I try so much also keep marketing . But no success. What is my issue ? :frowning:


You can delete all your gig and create new one and share your gig…thats it.

You send 10 buyer requests every day
Promote your gig social media over and over frequently
Try to find the market
Search for frequently-used tags for your gig
Stay more time online with accounts

And what kind of “marketing” are you doing? Are you taking out ads in newspapers and magazines? Are you running targeted ads on Facebook? Are you building an online presence that is SEO friendly, and drawing people into your gigs? Or are you just randomly spamming social media accounts, and expecting hundreds of sellers to suddenly hire you merely because you have a gig on Fiverr?

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Do not upset.You should send 10 buyer request everyday and gig marketing also.