Fiverr Experience!


I am Herock. And I Am Newer !!!
Please Everyone Help Me To Improve My GIG Rank On Fiverr !!!


The page you see is actually a page for BUYER how do you know what your buyer is seeing? Also this only happens when you try to buy again n again, DO NOT BUY YOUR OWN GIG


Buyer Give Me This Screenshot on My Facebook !!!


So you know your buyer on personal basis?


Please contact support team for that. I wonder why you have asked you buyer to do 10 individual orders. There is a thing called additions of services on the buyer’s end. he/she could do that and pay you the relevant amount of 10 orders.


I Think He Didn’t Know About This Subject.
And Thank You Very Much For Your Helpful Answer !!!


It’s Doesn’t Matter Who Is He ?


Then you gotta enlighten him buddy


Yes it does
If your buyer is your friend its not allowed on Fiverr, You cannot have any kind of communication during the order with your buyer on facebook it means fiverr doesn’t know what you two are planning, which can lead to fraud and misleading feedbacks, You need to read about Terms of Service before you ask your friends to buy reviews, I mean its not very complex to understand that if you already are in touch with your buyer, You wouldn’t need Fiverr in first place? Why would you pay 20% from your income? Because fiverr provides a platform where buyers and sellers meet and deal. You need to finish Homework sir


Hello Brother,
I Have Just Shared This Link On Facebook And He Sent Me A Friend Request That’s Why I Accepted His Request. He Went To Pay Me Outside The Fiverr But I Told Him If You Like My GIG Then Send Me Request On Fiverr. This Is Real Story Nothing Else.


I Need Help But You Making Hassle With Me. If You Can Then Help Me Out And Give Me Some Helpful Suggestion !!!


Your buyer needs to contact customer support, just like the message says.

@jhallawalla isn’t giving you hassle - he’s rightly pointing out the ToS which state that only contact within Fiverr is allowed - contact via Facebook isn’t.


Why is he contacting you on facebook?


I Know But I Didn’t Go To Meet With Him On Facebook. He Came. So This Not My Fault.


Sadly, Fiverr wouldn’t see it as not being your fault. You’ve got to keep Fiverr and Facebook completely separate.


I Don’t Know. Why ???


Did you tell customer support about him contacting you on facebook?


Ok !!! Thanks Everyone !!!


No insult or hassle intended buddy just telling you the right stuff and as far as problem is concerned please use another debit/credit card for completing the purchase


Brother I Am Totally Scared That’s Why I Erase That Topic Title And Body And Thank You.
And One Question Is He Use His Card Again ?