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Fiverr "F"ishing


This is the email I just received from (supposedly) Fiverr, asking me to rate my Customer Service experience.


First of all, CS ALWAYS includes the EXACT request they would like you to rate. Note this one does not specify any in particular.

Second, the email address is clearly not from Fiverr.

Oh, how they would have loved for me to enter my email address and password for them. Nice try but no dice.



Yeah… I talk with support often, several times a week.

I just got one of these too, and deleted it. IF CS is using some new method, I’m waiting until I hear or see more about it.


I got same email right now, after submitting a ticket to Customer Support.

To be a fishing email it’s pretty strange as it doesn’t try to mask its source address (, nor tries to use Fiverr’s look…

I didn’t provide any info and tried to stay on the safe side… but I’m not sure about such email…


I just got one of these. I do not think this is a phishing email as this is from a third party site use specifically for reviews and It appears that fiverr are asking for your reviews on your overall customer service experience. In view of the constant stream of attempted phishing attempts I am not surprised though everyone is saying nope and hitting the delete key.

Unless someone has gained access to the fiverr email database I suspect this is somewhat official.

Someone needs to contact support and point out no one is going to trust these e-mails as they are from a previously unverified e-mail address as far as fiverr users are concerned.

Personally I think this should have been preceded by an email from a fiverr address or a blog post stating they were going to do this and many users will see this as a direct conflict with this post here

Personally I think Fiverr should build their own in house form and do this otherwise you are going to get every scammer piggy backing off this and replicating this to carry out phishing attacks as soon as they realise a third party service is being used.


I have already sent Customer Support a request asking about this email.

No reply so far.

I got this same too.


fiverr have confirmed they sent these out.