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Fiverr Facebook Ad Error: Is This Everywhere?

Hello, Sellers!

This evening I noticed a Fiverr ad on Facebook with a glaring flaw (see attached). The gig titles all had a grammatical error, each beginning with “I will do” and then followed by some verb. For example, my gig’s description read “I will do perform extensive online research.” Yikes!!

I completely understand Fiverr snagging 20% of our fees to both earn a profit and support administrative costs such as advertising. However, the “I will” language of the gig titles combined with a grammatical error reflects very poorly on the individual service provider, ultimately doing more harm than good. I imagine this is especially true for the copywriters who appear unable to even compose an error-free title.

Have others noticed such erroneous ads on their social media newsfeeds? We need to ensure Fiverr corrects this mistake right away.


Hi, I agree. Where did the “do” come from? I volunteer for the position of grammar police.

I haven’t seen this before. Weird. Did you paste the link to your gig yourself or did you use the Facebook button on Fiverr to place it? I’m going to post one of my own using the button and see if anything looks funny. I add my vote for @misscrystal as the Chief of Grammar Police.

Ok, I’m back and editing my post. It looks like to me something is weird in the settings with the Fiverr add-on that is being used for Facebook. I chose one of my gigs that starts out with “I will write…” and then I clicked the FB button to share it. Before I even sent it to FB, it changed the entire title beginning with the words “I will do…” I think from what I saw that it took some HTML from an older version of my gig and mixed it with some HTML from my current title. I imagine when Fiverr did the recent updates, something went awry with the FB social media icon.

I’ll pass the info along to whoever I can, but you might also want to open a Customer Support ticket and let them know. In the meantime, you could just create your own ads on FB instead of using the button so you can write what you wish. Chief, you probably need to issue me a citation as well. I have errors in my titles from my last trip down SEO lane at a very late hour. :slight_smile:

It’s fixed!

Thanks for your thoughtful response, @fonthaunt. Interestingly, I did not post the ad myself. It appeared randomly in my news feed like any other paid advertising.

Great thinking to include the customer support link! I too encourage others to open a ticket and bring this to Fiverr’s attention.

Reply to @ucwheels: Actually, I’m really happy the customer support link is automated along with the levels link and a few others! I have some templates saved for other links I use a LOT but those are a pain!

As to the FB thing, my guess is that whoever handles FB marketing for Fiverr must be using some similar code. Otherwise, beats me! :wink:

Reply to @ucwheels: Great!