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Fiverr fake account action


Fiverr’s many seller fake account ,they man but use woman account.Buyer many order woman account .That real seller get not order.Some account man but use attractive girl photo. Attractive photo see buyer order them.Woman account work bad then review get good.More have many account ,they always not active ,once upon time there work on fiverr but now active ,there gig 1,2,3,4,5,have page .this cause real new seller gig promote 1,2,3,4,5,6 page remain impression then over front page .We think new seller they are not active ,them disable account fiverr .So we wish action fiverr fake account and emergency identification all account.


It is unwise to blame other sellers for your lack of sales. Yes, there are sellers who are dishonest here on Fiverr, although, Fiverr is working to remove those sellers. Still, it is not wise to assume that “fake sellers” are getting all of the visibility and sales that you think you should be getting. If you want more sales, market and promote your services to the people who need what you have to offer. The main reason why you are not gaining any sales is probably because you are not connecting to your target audience.


So are you saying women shouldn’t be able to use their own photos, even if they are actually female?

Whatever. :woman_facepalming:
and what @jonbaas said.


Are you saying that woman cant do good work? Or maybe you are just saying that even if an fake woman account delivery bad works, it still get good reviews, just to the fact its a woman? Thats nonsense.
I would give a 1 star to a woman as to a man.


“Woman account work bad then review get good” ???

I do hope this just got lost in the translation :roll_eyes:


Well, for whatever it’s worth I won’t rate anyone with a good review if their work is bad and not what I asked for regardless if they are a man or a woman.

Just don’t mind them. Focus on yourself. Fiverr is also slowly starting to ask for identification from sellers…


I think what is being said here is a suggestion that if a profile with a pretty lady image does bad work that the buyer will still give them a good review. Interesting theory, I am sure it is based on much research and concrete evidence and not simply an excuse for not getting sales.
Darn those pretty lady profiles, coming over here, taking our jobs and reviews…

You know, if what you offer can’t compete based on the competition having an obviously-not-the-seller image, it’s not like you could be offering anything of any great quality then, is it?


If this were true, you wouldn’t see any level 2-TRS-Pro accounts with realistic photos of men on them. Amazingly, there are hundreds of accounts with dozens to thousands of good reviews and portfolios of actual good work that also have profile photos of men. I could actually name quite a lot of men who are successful. I have worked with some myself, some are on the forum, others are just known because of their success. I won’t name them here because there is no need and I think the ones on the forum know who they are.

Try the good suggestions you were given in this thread or not, but I don’t see any emergency.


You own your career (if you have one), be it on Fiverr or elsewhere.
Complaining and whining about the wrong doings of others brings you nowhere.
You get no orders? Your fault.


What?! What is this, the 15th century? Just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean I’m incapable of producing a successful business. That’s messed up!


His only concern is male sellers using female profile picture to get inappropriate advantage.
Language problem messed his post completely.


A female seller might get a little more attention from a certain kind of buyer but no way are they getting a good review for bad service.


Just saw one of your gigs. Dude who is gonna pay $20 just to make a Facebook page?


Most of these so-called men using “pretty girls pics” are following the advice of shady web gurus. They are told they’ll mek-sells and reap the benefits. In reality, it’s hogwash. If you’re a man use your mug. Misleading Buyers to think otherwise is tacky wacky.

Are you jealous of pretty female Sellers? :roll_eyes: Male Sellers do quite well on this platform example: The men who posted in this thread @eoinfinnegan, @jonbaas, @mariokluser.

Just so you know, there are attractive ‘real’ female Sellers on Fiverr. However, I can assure you that their work is what makes them successful not their looks. Don’t know why you care so much about it.


so i am getting good review by giving bad work ? :neutral_face:


Last two insulting posts deleted. Thread closed to new comments.