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Fiverr false reports

I have been reported for inappropriate content without any images that violate the rules.

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What type of gig / services you were offering?

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Using Adobe Photoshop’s logo - could that be the problem?


i was offering artwork

Did you copy images from the internet? Did you feature famous logos in your images? Did you use another seller’s image (or even part of an image)? You are unlikely to get reported, if you use your own work and images. The fact that you were reported, and Fiverr took action, suggests that you were, indeed, doing something you shouldn’t.

You maybe reported for inappropriate content due to the following reasons:

1- You may have copied them from other’s gig.
2- You may downloaded them from google and used in your gig’s images.
3- The images you were using may contain adultery content.

if you think you have committed none from above and content was your own. So you can contact Customer Support and I hope they will help you for sure.

Good Luck ! :+1: