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Fiverr FAQ Guidelines *Read BEFORE Posting*

The FAQ section of the Fiverr forum is, as you may have guessed, for frequently asked questions. As these questions are frequently asked, it’s likely that another user may have already asked your question and received a helpful reply.

So, before posting, use the search function (located in the top right) to search for your question. From the generated results, you will be able to see if your question has been asked and if it has already been resolved.

If this is the case, read through the thread and be sure to ‘like’ the helpful answer so other users can easily find and benefit from this information as well.

If you can find your question but it hasn’t been answered, consider posting within that thread to bring more attention to it - overall boosting the chances of finding an answer and helping everyone within the community.

If you can’t find your question, simply start a new thread for this. Upon a new thread being started, users from the forum will help and find the answer(s) you require. Once an appropriate answer has been provided, the thread will be marked as resolved and closed by forum moderators to help other users. If possible, remember to like the most appropriate answer(s) to help others.

To break this down into steps, before posting:

  1. Search to see if your question has already been asked
  2. If asked and answered, “like” the best answer to help others
  3. If asked but not answered, add to the thread to boost attention (make sure you also “follow” the thread for updates)
  4. If not asked, post a new thread and wait for help from the brilliant forum users

    As moderators, we strive to make sections of the forum (like the FAQ) an easy place for anyone to visit and find the help they need.



Great post!

But to find a relevant answer we have to find the comment with most likes in this case !

Going through a thread containing too many comments to find the one with most likes might be frustrating !

How about sorting relevant answers/comments !

Reply to @shinuikha8:

Hi shinuikha8,

For every case marked as “resolved”, the most relevant answer(s) has been highlighted within the original post by moderators.

Take a look at this post as an example:

The most relevant answer has been highlighted in the Sheriff’s note: "Sheriff’s Note: The correct answer has been provided by twistedweb123 . This thread is now closed"

The idea behind this system is that there won’t be “too many comments”, as when the correct answer is posted, the thread will be resolved, closed and linked to the best answer. “Liking” the best comment helps the thread further for other users but moderators will still be directly mentioning the my appropriate answer.




Reply to @twistedweb123: Thanks a lot for your valuable reply :slight_smile: