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Fiverr Favors Scammers - Does not protect buyers

Hello everyone. This is an email I sent to the Fiverr support email. I also have a support ticket that hasn’t gotten any response. While I know Fiverr can be used by honest people, this was my experience. Yes, I made a dumb mistake getting caught by a scammer - but It shouldn’t be this hard to report scammers to Fiverr, and it shouldn’t be this easy for them to scam.

I bought a service from the Fiverr website, I then did not require it anymore. I canceled that order but the person I bought it from asked for a partial refund since they already started working on it. Since the Fiverr system does not allow me to cancel without them accepting, I had to go by their terms. I had no other choice. I then quickly found out that the account I had bought it from was a scam and had no way of providing the service they offered. After confronting them and asking for what they had worked on, or any sort of work history - they called me a scammer and reported me.

Since the Fiverr system seems to prefer sellers, that was strike one for me. I then continued to try to weed out other scammers on your service to prove that Fiverr is not doing anything to protect its customers. This is when I got multiple other reports. Strike 2. I understand that asking for any sort of personal information may be against Fiverr’s terms of service… but asking for any sort of resume or work history should not. Fiverr is actively allowing these scams to continue and is doing nothing about it. While punishing the consumer for being scammed by only refunding “in-store credits” until you “request” an actual refund. Making it unclear whether or not you will even get your money back at all.

This brings me to my PayPal escalation. Since I have not heard back from Fiverr and am accumulating strikes against my account given to me by scammers - I had to go through PayPal to tell them of the fraudulent activity happening on Fiverr. This being my third and final strike with the Fiverr terms of service. To me, PayPal is trustworthy. Fiverr is not. Paypal has gotten back to me with recommended steps while Fiverr ignores me and gives me code-of-conduct strikes. I can cancel my PayPal escalation and work with Fiverr, but it seems Fiverr is unwilling to do anything about this problem or the scammers in the system.

I will be sending this to news and blogs to help bring to light to Fiverr’s unwillingness to help the consumer while providing a marketplace of scammers.


That’s your problem. Once you place an order, you have no right to a refund, and that isn’t a scam. If somebody orders something from me, I’ll make it, therefore I deserve to get paid. And that’s it. Stop ordering things and then regretting it.


Thank you for the reply. I agree. That is why I made a deal to partially refund the account. However Like I said above - that person had no way to actually provide the services advertised. This is also an issue of no accountability on Fiverr to make sure these people are not scamming. Actively asking for work history can get you reported.


There is no way to get a partial refund under Fiverr’s system, but that’s not the seller fault.

However, if a seller fails to deliver what was agreed upon, you are entitled to a full refund, and Fiverr almost always sides with buyers in that case.

I don’t know what you mean by “asking for work history”, but asking for portfolio and past work is perfectly acceptable.

However, if you order from me first, and only then ask for my portfolio… it’s a huge red flag, makes no sense, and I’ll treat you as a scammer. That added to the “I bought a gig and then regretted it”, turns you straight into nightmare client mode, and I would avoid ealing with you at all.

People buying stuff and then canceling on “regret” actively harms sellers. And there’s little they can do about it.


Agreed, but after this scenario I was still looking for my service. So I was contacting and getting contacted by users. Asking them for their work history is what got me reported.

So what. They can report you all they want, what difference does that make for you? I can report anyone for any reason, that doesn’t mean it will have any repercussions on them.

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Customer Support is receiving a ton of tickets, it can take them up to 10 days to respond.

There are no partial refunds on Fiverr.

If someone spends time working on something, it’s unfair not to pay them for their time. It’s not like a product they can just sell to someone else.

You didn’t. You could have kept requesting a cancellation, and sent a ticket to Customer Support asking them to cancel the order for you.

That’s clearly mentioned in Fiverr’s Terms of Service. You have agreed to the terms by using the site.

Yes, you will.

As per Fiverr’s Terms of Service, buyers who force a chargeback get their accounts suspended.

They do help, it just takes them time.


It blocked me from the marketplace.

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Because they don’t want to deal with you any longer. It’s within their rights.

If someone reports you, it’s to block you 99% of the time. So you can’t contact that seller, but you can contact others.

If your entire account was blocked, Fiverr must have had a very good reason. Anyway, it’s a buyer account, therefore worthless - create a new one and that’s it.


I 100% agree with this. But the problem is that there are accounts on here advertising services they have no ability to provide. Including the one I bought from.

Then you can open a dispute saying you didn’t get what you paid for, and request a cancelation. It’s simple.


I am just bringing up that isn’t that an issue within itself? I was simply asking for work history, any sort of previous examples would have worked. These accounts could not provide anything. If they did, I contacted the people behind that work and they said they were not attached to that Fiverr account. So they were actively stealing other people’s work as well.

You asked for work history, they didn’t provide it. So don’t order from them, contact other sellers until you find someone who can actually do it. That’s how it works.


But why is Fiverr allowing this? How come the buyer is automatically punished when being reported by a fraudulent seller?

The buyer is not punished. Reporting a buyer will allow me to block him so he can no longer contact me. That isn’t a punishment. He can still contact others, etc.


I see that @visualstudios already answered that.

And I’m adding: a seller can only withdraw the funds 14 days after the order was marked as complete (and they can’t mark it as complete on their own, the buyer has to do it). Thatgives you plenty of time to get a refund, even if you have to wait for up to 10 days for the Customer Service to respond.

My apologies, let me clarify. My being reported I mean getting a strike to my account and therefore banned.

For that to happen to a buyer account, something serious must have happened (PayPal chargeback is against terms of service and immediate ban, regardless of you getting reported). In any case, it’s a buyer account. You lose nothing. Buyer accounts have no value. They don’t earn money. So it’s irrelevant if they get banned. Create a new account, that’s it.


For the future:

  1. Always check the seller profile before you order, not after.
  2. Use the search function on the main site first - you’re more likely to find a seller who can supply what you want.
  3. When using Buyer Requests, set a realistic budget.
  4. Unfortunately, many newbie sellers are inclined to send 10 buyer request responses every day, even if they don’t have the skills for the task. See #1 above.
  5. Never order a chargeback from paypal - that will get you banned.

I’m sorry you’re left in a frustrating position. However, you could have asked for a mutual cancellation using the dispute centre and worked something out.

Please bear in mind that any cancellation will affect the seller’s stats, but most are agreeable to cancel if there’s no alternative.

Also, because you are bound by the Terms of Service, whether you read them or not, you may find this an interesting read:


Look, I thank you both for your input. I completely agree with you. Theres are terms of service agreements. I again, am not saying that everyone on Fiverr is scamming. I agree that work done should be paid for. I am aware that I most likely will not get my money back, thankfully I am in a place where that is okay.

I more just want to bring up that there are scammers in the system and it seems that Fiverr does not want to do anything about it.

I asked for work history. Usually, that was met with people calling me a scammer or giving work that was not theirs - even before me buying anything

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