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Fiverr Fee increase?

i am level two seller and now completed order and saw![image|637x500]

is Fiverr Fees increase, see the attached screen shot for $100 shows $79,



Check ToS to see the exact percentage (I believe it was 20%) but the difference is 1$ here so you can… contact CS to clarify this with them?

yes because, many time i received $ 80 .

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If you are an Indian seller then It could be the TDS, But I’m not sure. I’m also from India and now Fiverr charge 1% as a TDS

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Yes, it’s a TDS income tax fee for every order 1%. tax. If you submit a tax exemption certificate to fiverr support they will exempt the fee.

can you please how to submit, earlier i have no idea, i am a house wive.

is any solution i am not earn more than 2L per annuam.

Every seller from India is paying 1% TDS. It does not matter you are eligible for Tax. Of course you not making more than 2 Lac per annum but still you have to pay. :relaxed::relaxed: If you have any concern then you can contact the support team no other solution

If it is TDS and it 1%, The Order is for 100$ and fiverr cuts 20% i.e 20$, now we earn 80$. Its our income, so we should pay the TDS for our income why it cuts for full 100$ i.e 1$. The TDS cuts Should be 0.8$ per the income 80$. I dont understand this

TDS stands for tax deducted at source. You cant stop to cut in the source income. Only you can get the refund of the TDS Cuts if you never comes in the income tax income and if the TDS is greater then your tax filling amount in the financial year.

If you don’t come in the income tax income in 1 financial year, you can file TDS return and all fund that cut in 1 year will be refund to you by the income tax department.

hope you understand.

**Edit: You can stop the TDS cuts if you have the tax exemption certificate issued by the Income tax department and you can contact Fiverr support with certificate. The certificate you will get if your income is under 500K per year and IT department will issues this. **

Read this all about Indian tax in fiverr: Fiverr Help and Education Center


Agree, yes you are right, TDS should be deduct on income, not on project cost.

Please double check your pending clearance section.

it’s a very bad…I don’t know Why fiverr get more fee…


You need to contact your CA for Exemption Certificate.

Thanks i read all the information from

" Fiverr Help and Education Center"

Are you from India, if yes. it is likely tax.