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Fiverr Fee removal or reduced percentage due to Corona

I see world is suffering from Covid 19 and to help Freelancers and clients i would suggest fiverr management to either remove or reduce fee percentage for a specific time.That will really benefit all struggling online businesses in this tough time.What is your say?


Dribbble just announced that 100% of their shop proceeds (works a bit similar to the newly introduced fiverr’s logo shop) will be donated to COVID-19 recovery fund until further notice. I wouldn’t expect any fee decrease anytime soon.

  • Are petrol stations passing massive drops in the price of oil onto motorists and businesses? - No.
  • Are power companies passing reduced energy consumption savings onto businesses and people stuck at home with nothing to do but watch Netflix? - No.
  • Are people suddenly without jobs and businesses that can’t open being given rent/mortgage holidays or even discounts? - No.

Is everyone else being encouraged to make major financial and lifestyle sacrifices? - Yes.

Fiverr is a business with the same, if not greater overheads than it had before Covid-19. If sellers want to discount their rates to help their buyers they can. However, asking Fiverr itself to reduce its fee makes no logical sense if you care about the continuity of the platform.


Even if the sellers promote their own donations and discounts it will never have the same reach, not even fraction of what can be possible if Fiverr makes an official announcement and promotion.

Showing some empathy and participating in social causes can work to create business relationships and increase Fiverr’s reach, so yes they can have financial benefit at the end of the day by leading this initiative.

Also this can be regulated, by only offering fees reductions to sellers that participate in this initiative, this can be well administrated with the tools they have so this initiative works in the expected way and preventing people taking advantage for a selfish purpose.

You have to look the big picture, think on business adaptation to a situation that could bring them benefit and reputation in the long term.

Right now we are in the middle of 2 pandemics. Pandemic 1 is the Coronavirus. Pandemic 2 is a pandemic of mass virtue signalling.

Think about what is being asked here. You want a company that gives you a platform to lower it’s take home fee, when you yourself could lower your fee to help your target market. There’s empathy and there is passing the charitable buck.

I paid for my neighbors groceries yesterday. What I didn’t do is ask the mobile grocer I use to give them away for free or give the person who needed help a discount.

If you want to do something magnanimous or charitable in any crisis, do it. No one is stopping you.