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What is the best way to handle the new feedback system (not knowing if a review is good or bad until you have reviewed them first) as you can complete an order and everything LOOKS fine everything LOOKS like they would give you nothing but a 5 star rating like no further questions regarding the order no contact from their side or anything but what if its a 1 star rating and you’ve sort of already ‘Submitted it’ by rating them first because once you’ve done that it’s going to be very difficult to get them to change the review so what is the best way to approach the new feedback system of not knowing what they rated?

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the best way would be “Many blessings” or “Wish you the best”

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In my opinion its hard to give a blind review, as i suffered with this. i have done with everything for client, i showed her everything in the inbox after her approval. i submitted the project and i reviewed her with 5 star, and she left 4 star review without any reason or any revision.
so just write what you want, it doesnt matter.

I think people may have mistook my initial post. It isn’t the ‘what to say’ that is the problem it is just rating the experience with the buyer without knowing if or not they have left a bad review as some won’t even contact you before hand before leaving a bad review some will just automatically do it and leave but by you rating them you are sort of ‘submitting’ that review and making it permanent. What i’m doing now is to contact the buyer after they have left a review asking ‘is everything okay with the order’ and if they say everything is fine then i will know that they left a good review but if they say ‘there was a problem’ and i know that they left a review already it is probably a bad one.