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Fiverr fee's are EXCESSIVE?

It’s been a while Fiverr fee’s has increased.
Previously where a 5$ order used to cost 5$ for the buyer now it’s 7$? Lots of buyer complained and left without purchasing gig for additional fees.
And from a seller point of of view as I am receiving 4$ as before… Fiverr earning 3$ out of 7$ :astonished:
Isn’t it Excessive?
Don’t know about large project sellers but as a 5$ seller i have lost numbers of sales due to excessive charges…
Previous charge policy(20% from seller was far better) as long as buyer didn’t bear any fees


I’ll approach your question from a different perspective. From my point of view, as a UK based seller, it is difficult for me to set a fair price that a client is willing to pay, and that makes financial sense to me. In my case a $10 order will probably take me 30 minutes to complete. But out of that $10 order I lose $2 in commission and a further $1 (approximately) in PayPal currency exchange / transfer fees (I always let my earnings build up before withdrawing). So I end up with $7 - or approximately £5.50. I’m successful on Fiverr… but I know that in my line of work most clients won’t pay more.

I am pretty sure they don’t keep all $3. Keep in mind that they have a deal with Paypal, some of that amount you said is covering the Paypal fees. Also, they do the advertising for you, which means you just wait for orders. Go to other freelancing sites, and you will see how much you will spend on credits to apply on potential projects. Most of the time you will pay for applying to stuff that won’t even pan out that great.

The fees are a bit high, but consider what you are getting in return. Plus, prices are still low if you compare to stuff on other platforms… Just my 2 cents here.

There must be a reason behind up rise of fees…and i Appreciate this market is not like others where i hae to pay for bidding
My point of view was… it shouldn’t be covered from buyers side…
For Years the buyer who used to spend 5$ here…they won’t be disinterested of sudden 7$ charge?

So, you would rather that Fiverr increase the commission sellers pay to say 30 or 40% to cover the fees they are charging buyers? That should go over well. LOL


I might sound stupid… But all i am trying to say is 2$ fee is too high and too sudden. it could be 1$ for starting.
If business is going bad you don’t just increase price to cover up.on the contrary we loose customers… that’s all i am saying… there could be better way.

Well, it isn’t “sudden”, this fee has been attached to orders for at least the last 2 or 3 years I think. Even if it were a $1 you and others who do not agree with any fee to the buyer would still complain. The thing is, when Fiverr implemented this buyer fee, business was NOT going bad … and for some, it is still not going bad. How did you come to the conclusion that Fiverr was somehow doing poorly and needed to up the fee for the buyer to cover it up? You are creating quite a story line there.

Did you join and start selling in 2016? If so, why are you just now complaining about a fee that has been around for some time?


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