Fiverr Fees Are Too High


Fiverr Fees Are Too High

Whenever a buyer wants to buy a gig like for 5$ fiverr ask the user to pay 7$ and after completion of order admin receive only 4$ that is not a big issue but when its about big orders like my friends sell a gig for 30$. Fiverr asks buyers to pay 32$ and my friend received only 24$. DON’T YOU GUYS THINK FIVERR TAKES TOO MUCH FEES.


Fiverr takes 20% from every order, so, if the price is $30, Fiverr will take $6, and the seller will receive $24.

It’s in the Terms of Service, and you (and your friend) had to check the box stating that you have read the ToS and that you agree when you signed up.


Hi @selfmadengineer,

First you have to understand what service you received from Fiverr. Fiverr gives you opportunity to do freelance job and safety with security. So Fiverr obviously deserve their fees and charges because you earn through their dedicated services. Besides clients only trust Fiverr services and their freelance seller not you.


Fiverr gives you 4$ and get 1$… IS THIS ALOT…:smirk::smirk:


Have you faced big orders like 200$ and 300$…and first read my description i have mentioned about big orders


If they take 50% i would still work on fiverr…


Just think of the fee as something you pay to keep the site up and running.


You’d be the only one. :wink:


I would agree up to a point, that if we have larger orders, or depending on how much the client spent at your own gigs, the fees are getting smaller for both you and your client. This is something that other platforms do have.


I agree, partially.

They DO deserve to charge the 20% fee for their services. They have to keep the site up and running and pay their staff. They provide a safe environment for freelancers to work and safe payments.This is worth A LOT.

Hoewever, in other freelancer networks I work, they have per-customer, tiered commissions:

  • from $0 to $500: 20%
  • from $501 to $10,000: 10%
  • over $10,001: 5%

This means that if you work regularly with a customer, the % they get from your sales grows smaller. To see the difference it makes:

  • $600 billed to customer X in Fiverr = $120 for Fiverr, $480 for you
  • $600 billed to customer X other places = $110 for Website, $500 for you

I have some very good customers that have spent well over $1,000 and there’s a HUGE difference between earning $800 and $850!


I always thought the 20% was reasonable, it is a business after all and Fiverr provides sellers a lot of great services such as doing advertising on Google, etc… Not to mention they bring the business right to you.

I felt the increase of purchase fees to $2 was a bit much, especially on $5 gigs or when buyers are kind enough to leave a tip. They want to give a $5 tip and all of a sudden Fiverr is weaseling them out of $2, now it’s $7, and of course they still take their 20%. Gives a bad impression if you ask me.

And then adding that $2 fee on for buying from your Fiverr balance was another poor move in my opinion, I am a seller but I use other Fiverr services fairly regularly, and that was a nice little bonus to be able to pay from my Fiverr balance with no extra fees.


I think they’re a bit greedy.

IMHO there’s basically 2 ways of going about a business that connects 2 audiences (e.g.: employers and candidates, sellers and buyers, etc.):
1- You only charge a fee to the sellers
2- You only charge a fee to the buyers

I think #1 is the best: Fiverr gets a cut of all sales and the lack of buyer fees encourages business.

Charging BOTH parties a fee is plain greed.