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Fiverr Fees Are Too High

I’m not referring to chargebacks, just unhappy clients that want their money back.

Ironically, I miss the days when I used to bitch about refunds and make $1,500 to $2,000 a month. I wouldn’t mind refunds if I was making bank. Now, nothing is going on.

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No, Because get order due to fiverr.

Of course. I have gigs for $110 and only get $88!!! Not even Ebay charges such high fees. I do not understand why fiverr takes so much…

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Because it’s their platform and that’s the commission they decided on.

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Absolutely true word by word, and thats the reason i am here, may be this is my first or second comment in this 7 years journey with fiverr.
Why to charge for fiverr balance and $2 for $5 purchase is too much for my customers.

Maybe fiverr wants buyers to know that the days of only $5 services are over and they should expect to spend more. The prices here, in 2020, are still only a fraction of what people would normally pay in most cases.

Seven dollars is not a lot of money.

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I was shocked to see that when I decided I wanted to leave a tip they suddenly wanted to charge me £1.70 to leave a tip. I decided to tip the seller, not fiverr, yet they unexpectedly demand money in order to tip. Makes you think “ok, well I won’t bother tipping then” (or as eventually decided, to go back and deduct £1.70 from the tip to make up for the silly fee)

I can understand they have expenses and have to run a business, but to charge to give an optional extra is plain greedy and outrageous.

If a restaurant has policies on what happens to tips given to servers, they don’t shun it so blatantly into your face that the person you are tipping won’t receive all the money. I’d rather just pay a total and fiverr can deduct whatever it’s ToS states behind my back!

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