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Fiverr Fees Outrageous

I get that Fiverr is in business to make money. I have no issue with the $2.50 fee charged per transaction; however, to charge that fee on top of a tip??!! Shame on you Fiverr! A tip is for the seller who did the work. Fiverr has already been paid. It is actually costing your sellers because many people do not want to pay $2.50 on top of a $5 tip! That supposed $5 gig now costs $15 with the tip and your exorbitant fees on top.

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Fees on tip are there because a lot of people are frauds and will utilize the no fee tips to get more money.

Same thing you see on Wish and other sites where the product is FREE and shipping is 10$ or 50$.

When all humans stop being corrupted; each and every single one of them; conducting business, payments, invoices, fees and tips will be much different.

Can you name 20 people from top of your head that you know, your friends or acquaintance, that after they get Ebay or Amazon product late (after they got refund) then they contact seller and pay him?

Because it is not sellers fault shipping is delayed.

Do you keep the money and the product?

It can’t be resolved. It is human nature.


It would be better to charge the seller 20% on the total amount than charge the buyer 50% on a tip. The seller ends up getting less now because a lot of people back out of paying a tip.

Fees are on everything.

If you have every received a Christmas Bonus at a job, don’t think that there wasn’t tax taken off of that.

A Tip on Fiverr is the same thing.

Be thankful you got a Tip.

Even if all you get to pocket is a bit of it.

Imagine what it would be like if Fiverr didn’t have fees.

Then you and I and everyone else would have to pay a Membership Fee to be here.

I bet that would cost more than the fees they currently take from us.

Something to think about.


I think OP is a buyer wanting to leave a tip. :slightly_smiling_face:

Prior to fees on buyer, I used to tip smaller amounts of $5 or $10 more often.

Now, most sellers have upped their prices so gratuity isn’t as necessary as before. I tip less often and when I do, it’s a larger amount for several top notch work. Instead of $5 on every order, its like $50 on every 10th order.

I know $2.50 doesn’t seem like a lot, especially in western nations but it adds up quickly. For occasional buyers, not a huge deal, but for small business buyers that’s more money out of our pocket.

1 tip of $50 = $2.50 (buyer fee)
10 tips of $5 = $25.00 (buyer fee)

One year, I spent over $100 in fees just GIVING tips. :astonished:

I feel you, OP. It’s one of my pet peeves.



Fees don’t make sense really. It’s not like sellers are getting to keep 100% of the gig value. To add to that, fees on tips, to add to that increase in service fees since November 2020. Doesn’t really sound like “Fiverr” anymore. Sevenerr makes sense at this point since I paid $7.25 on a $5 gig the other day.

Back when I first used Fiverr (the days of old UI), I didn’t have to pay more than $5, but then I saw that I was paying $6 for a $5 gig, and now it’s $7.25 for a $5 gig. That’s just unacceptable. It’s not the money itself but rather the principle that matters.