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I need a fiverr wife…must be at least a level 2 seller with at least 20 gigs,must have sold up to 2000 gigs.100% positive feedback.All gigs must have at least 2 videos. All gigs must be featured, must be getting at least 50 orders in que everyday…can take care of my orders when am away…and fiverr account must be associated with my paypal account…who’ll be my bride?




@madmoo . Am just being careful


Hahaha soldierdollar. Is your next gig comedy ? :-)) :wink:


Hahaha soldierdollar. Is your next gig comedy ? :-)) :wink:


woops i am sorry. Didn’t mean to double post


@madmoo I know it’s hard to find one with all these good qualities…“but good wives are hard to find” so they say


@Arnev. They must be too shy to apply. I know there are plenty of them out there. @bachas85 , you’ll sure be the first to know


@psychicrainbow ok with these 7