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It’s been a few weeks now since I joined Fiverr. I was really lucky to be able to complete my first order in those few days. During this time I have heard that freelancers’ first order and ranking is very important for the future in the Fiverr platform. I did not receive a rating from the buyer in my first order but he was happy about it. He also paid me a tip to guarantee that.

I know this is a normal occurrence but this is my first order. So I want to know how this will affect my future freelancer carrier in Fiverr.

is it affect to rank down my gig because I did not get any reviews from my first order?



That’s really wonderful feeling to complete the first order!
Also the buyer paid and a tip for you.
In my opinion there will be no effect because you haven’t receive a review from the first order.




No. The buyer not giving feedback or a review does not impact your stats here. Sure, it would be nice given they tipped you and did inform you of a good job, if they would have left public feedback - I am sure if you had a choice, you would choose them to leave feedback rather than the tip - but, feedback is totally up to the buyer. I am sure you have read the forum enough to know asking the buyer for feedback is a no no.



grateful for your support. it was really helpful

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thanks, decoratork! now i feel better :slightly_smiling_face:

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Congratulation and keep trying to always online

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Congratulations. Best of luck to you :smiley:

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