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Fiverr first warning

I have received my first warning stating that I have been found using platform other than fiverr. Actually, the buyers requested a whatsapp call and that’s why we had to do. Also, a buyer asked me to gather the details and tell him. They cannot be discussed over the chat hence I offered him the call. What should I do now?


You should follow the rules…


But first you have to read it


Yes, they can and must be discussed by Fiverr chat. What a strange thing to say… Is this supposed to make Fiverr less suspicious? Because it does he opposite.

I’m not sure why you agreed to the ToS if you didn’t understand them and decided you get to break them.


If you can’t discuss over text, you can use voice record and send to your buyer. If it is easier for you. Or you can even record yourself talking

If a buyer requests that you rob or murder someone, are you going to do that, too?

Read the Terms of Service and don’t violate them again.


Thank you, I get it next time I’ll be more careful

You’re right I’ll be more careful from now

please do not break fiverr’s TOS

You are not permitted to share any personal information, Social media, e-mail etc. with buyers.
Overall you are not allowed to communicate with buyer outside fiverr.
If you break the rules again, you will receive another warning which will be cause of your account suspension.
So read the terms of service carefully.

You can not remove warning right now.
Make sure that you will not break rules anymore.
30 days later warning effect will be move away from your account which you have received.

Check this out: Don’t do it! … You Have Been Warned! if you want to protect your account.


Am I missing something?

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I think they mean to attach and send an audio file of seller explaining by voice.

I respect that you took the feedback about not communicating outside of fiverr well! It seems to me that you might have not suggested going outside of fiverr, but trusted that it was OK because the buyer asked and you wanted to be cooperative and provide good customer service. Best of luck moving forward!

What you are describing is actually a violation of the existing rules however, I wanted to comment here on this because I had a rather interesting situation a while back that is worth mentioning. We have all seen conversations get flagged if we say certain words (like pay, email or use an @) One of my clients had requested that I add a paypal link to the website I had just set up for him. Perfectly reasonable, right? I thought it was ok…so I proceeded to walk him through the process of generating the code from his paypal account that I would need to add the button he requested. Apparently I used the word “paypal” too many times and they flagged the whole thing. That’s what I got my first warning for–doing something that was within the rules but my account got flagged seemingly automatically based on words I used. On the other hand, I have had clients use the same words or phrases that I know get flagged. I have tried to conduct business as usual but I am afraid that my account could be flagged like that again for something my clients may discuss. Part of what I offer involves setting up social media accounts for people and then managing those accounts. Most social media requires 2 step authentication and the attachment of a phone number for verification. I usually try to get this information in my “gig requirements” but you are always going to have people who don’t put that information in there and you end up having to ask them “what email is associated with this account” or “I need a phone number so they can send your verification code” and that very well could end up getting flagged. Really wish they would work on that a little bit so that you don’t get flagged for doing legitimate work.

Want I meant is your record your voice and send to your buyer via audio file of you explaining by voice. Instead of just using text to explain :slight_smile: or just record yourself talking (spokesperson )

Also keep in mind that not being allowed to share information outside of the platform is a safety measure for us. Many MANY times, requests to communicate via another platform are total scams.

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