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Hello,I’m Mr Mijanur Rahman. I have joining in fiverr on 30 day.I have complete fiverr gigs & Buyer Request. I can not any order or can’t sell any gig.please help me?


We cannot help you get sales. You need to do that on your own through strong marketing, promotion, and hard work. Treat your gigs like a business, think like a businessman, make sure your gigs are presented well, and conduct research to determine if the services you choose to offer have a market to begin with. You’re not going to get sales just by having gig on Fiverr. And, as much as I hate to say this, you’re not going to get rich on Fiverr either.

Don’t sit back and wait for success. Go out and make it happen!


Exactly right Brother.Thank you very much.


I like your service.:slight_smile:


here are some tips I can give you as a startup. be active all day. Bid in buyer requests regularly. Do not copy paste same lines to all buyers I have posted some tips you can see their, First step is always hard. don’t lose hope and you will get a job.


Are you recommending sellers to post in buyer requests section? You probably meant to say that sellers should bid on the buyer requests. I can see you’re not a native English speaker, but be careful what recommend.


No, actually what i am saying is biding. its a mistake i will edit it . but what i mean is biding thanks