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Fiverr fix your ticket system!

Your response is incorrect. Please try again.

I tried 15 different captcha methods and I’m still getting this stupid error! It’s extremely frustrating having issues with Fiverr and not being able to submit a ticket or just write a e-mail to the customer service… Because they do not have one! Even on Facebook there is no communication what so ever.

You take 10% of everything we make on this site - can we please get proper customer service?


Sometimes captcha is a Cloudflare thing and doesn’t even originate from Fiverr. Fiverr doesn’t use captcha for most things and I don’t think it normally does for tickets. Whatever is causing it, see if it has an audio option.

You can write email to several Fiverr departments. CS is support @ I would suggest it because they get tons of spam, no ticket number is assigned to email and it’s not really what the email is for. Fiverr does also respond on FB or Twitter if you give them your ticket number. (Just FYI, Five takes 20% commissions, not 10.).

None of this is about a Bug, so the post will be moved accordingly.

Oh god! 20% It’s even worse than what I thought! :wink:

Thanks for your reply Fonthaunt! The buyer sent a ticket instead, so I never solved the problem.


Before you submit a ticket, why don’t you try this fix:

Use Internet Explorer (NOT MICROSOFT EDGE), then try logging in via the rest of the browser platforms.
Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera, Maxthon and finally your cell phone browser.

Good Luck!