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Fiverr font issue

Am I the only one facing different font issue on fiverr? Seems a little outdated.


Facing the same issue


Ok, I thought I am the one facing this problem.

Why is this a problem? Does it prevent you from working/earning/withdrawing your funds?


Same here! I was thinking also that.

I think Fiverr has been change the front. It’s reliable for me and hope so all of you

They changed the lettering in the logo as well (which I like). I don’t understand the choice of font for the rest of the website, though. I thought it was a Google Chrome glitch at first. It looks so… unnecessarily whimsical.


I like the dot next to the logo. (Was that always there?)

I agree, the new logo looks better but the font on all web pages will take some getting use to.

Although it makes texts more legible on my high-res monitors.


I did a promo design for fiverr in June or July, there was no version with a dot among the brand assets they’ve sent me. But I feel like I’ve seen the version with a dot before somewhere.

UPD: Here. I’ve seen it here:



I did a video promo for Fiverr last week, and they provided me with the old logo as well. :slight_smile:


They just announced the rebrand on the blog:


It seems like I am the only one here that likes the new font …

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Hi All…THANKS for the supportive content

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Seems like we have to wait for issue to resolve just like the gig impression things. But happily font won’t make any issue to sellers or buyers. Happy Fiverring!

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Fiverr Upgarde on 10 years!|

So this is why they change their logo and more.

I use way older monitor, and the text is just awful-looking. Especially when I am currently writing in the delivered work page. Some text feels like it merges itself. Well, I’ll have to get used to no matter what.

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They have changed their site font. They look very non-professional to me. The previous font was far better than this. We should complain to fiverr so they reconsider their decision of font change.

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Check the Deloitte logo…

This new font is really ugly, hard to read, and unprofessional. I pretty much hate it! There’s also not enough distance between lines when typing a message, separate lines of text are pretty much hugging one another…

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