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Fiverr for 100% living

Can I depend on Fiverr for 100% living?


It depends: leaving to where?..

On a second thought, nothing on the web can be depended on 100% IMO.

If you’re talking about leaving your day job, I wouldn’t do that if I were you :wink:


Yes Woofy31 is right fiverr is just for side business means (for extra earning only)

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There are people who use Fiverr as a full time income source and thus have left their day jobs, but they’re not many, and they usually have a backup plan in case Fiverr “fails” them (actually, Fiverr doesn’t fail them, they fail themselves, because again, Fiverr does not guarantee any sales nor a day job substitute)


No Guarantee for anything, but if u have unique work, if u think people will definetly buy it from u, before make living on fiverr, consider few things, like , why buyer should buy from u while there are milions of gigs out in fiverr market, what makes a buyer to order ur gig., these type of considerations u should keep in mind., anyhow., No Guarantee… No Guarentee, No Guarantee :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

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Weren’t you a full-time doer? :slight_smile:

@mustafaalibaigm, after your gig gets popular, a bunch of different sellers would start offering services similar to yours. It isn’t necessary but if you do not play the game right, competitors would take a bunch of your sales. It is always good to have a plan B. Maybe, but maybe you should also have Plan C, Plan D…


Well, I might or might not be one of those I’ve mentioned :zipper_mouth_face: I tried being objective, neutral and all that :stuck_out_tongue:


I do hope that the media would become objective as you are. :wink: (it is a joke, I do not want someone to take it seriously, lately, a lot of people do not get my sarcasm) (Woofyilius gets it)


I guess he means “Fiverr for 100% living” ?

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If you want to become a full-time freelancer, yes it is entirely possible, but I would suggest that once you get enough experience and clients here, you start expanding your business onto other freelancing websites or even setting up your own website. If you are good at what you do, then clients will keep coming back to you, but you do want to keep new clients coming as often as possible.


I appreciate everyone for all your comments & suggestions. Really, I mean “Living” & not “leaving” and the topic has been corrected.

Thanks to ALL!

Can you suggest other reliable Freelancer sites please?

It’s not allowed to mention other freelancer sites on this Forum - you can easily find plenty on Google, though.


Honestly, I haven’t really tried any other websites. Sorry.

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Thank you very much. :heart:

Thank you very much. :heart_decoration:

I am working on 6 other platforms and earning good. Have more clients there than on Fiverr :slight_smile:

Wow! Can you guide on getting more platform?

Create a new post and have answers there. :slight_smile:

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If I could go back in time, I’d steer clear of going full-time on Fiverr. Create gigs but predefine how much time you are willing to spend on Fiverr and stick to that. For sustainability, you ideally need to freelance in a way which will see you steadily build a list of clients and businesses independent of any platform. It can also be a good idea to use a platform which you can drive traffic to easily via paid advertising.

Fiverr full-time = A life which will never really be under your full control.