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Fiverr for Android is Here!


We’ve been working around the clock to design a beautiful Android™ app that meets our users expectations and supports Android devices.

We’re so happy to be able to share Fiverr® for Android. The Fiverr mobile experience gives you: instant access to over 3 million awesome Gigs® anytime, anywhere, search capability across our global marketplace, and real-time notifications for fast and simple communication.

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Yay I’ve downloaded it. It would be great to have the “to do” notifications as currently it seems to just have the basic notifications.

Also it would be really helpful if the icon was like facebook where you get a notification number showing on the order before even having to click on the app itself and open it up. Does that make sense?

I guess its a work in progress :bz


just downloaded it too



Downloaded it the day it came out.

Cheers Fiverr.


I had to uninstall it and install it again. It crashed on me on the first day, but seems that that bug is now fixed.

There’s some major spelling issues: “amout” instead of “amount” and “prince” instead of “price”. Please can these be fixed, because things like that really annoy me. It just makes the whole thing look like it was rushed.

I did notice a big issue with the cancellations. There’s no ability for a seller to request cancellation. When the buyer did it (after I asked her to), I only had the option to abort it. I had to log in to the mobile web version to accept the cancellation in the end.

There was one flaw with a gig that had multiples ordered. The page on the app didn’t update with the amount of multiples ordered but did how the multiple amount. I had to log into the mobile web version to check the full details to confirm with my buyer.

It would be nice to have the to-do list show up, but as I really only use it for replying to messages and checking out new gig instructions it’s not too bad as it is.

I’ve not tried buying with it yet!

Thanks for the app. It has been eagerly awaited for, but just a few issues :slight_smile: Hope they’re fixed (especially that cancellation issue) soon.


It appears that I am unable to download this in my Android cell phone (checked the respective post on the fiverr blog only to find out this is quite common - lots of android users cannot download and install it as it says that the app is incopatible with lots of devices).I can work for the moment through the mobile site, yet I would be really glad to see an update on this issue in the near future.


It’s here! And it sucks the D!


Will this also help sellers? Send a notification when X event appears, such as an order gets updated?

Current mailing feature is very spammy, as it sends notifications on ALL events.


I cannot download it either as I get the message it is incompatible with my device. I have a little older Android, not the latest and greatest model, so this may be why. Perhaps your developers can work on a compatible version for those of us who do not buy a new phone every year?


I love it, the only problem I’m facing sometimes is the inbox or notifications. It takes a lot of time to open… Hopefully this will be solved very soon. The app is really fantastic otherwise :slight_smile:


Nice, But takes time to load.


I just downloaded it and love the inbox!


My android phone doesn’t support this fabulous apps.

*throw my phone and try not to cry…


Really like the app, but it’s not really working for me.

More often than not I am unable to access my inbox and today I haven’t even been able to login.


I love this app! I have it on my tablet and my phone. I always know it’s a Fiverr notification because it sends 2 notifications lol. :slight_smile:

I know there are some works in progress for it, so I’m really excited to see the upcoming improvements!


Found a bug on “Available funds”: it’s not the correct amount…


WOW! We are so proud of Fiverr for their innvoations and new idea concepts which are happening now!

I would love to see a list of all the new featurees fiverr has added with out my knowledge!

:slight_smile: Joe

The Creative Guys | 2014


Was happy about it, finally! And then I searched the Play Store, but couldn’t find it.

Turns out the minimum Android requirement is 4.0. (I’m still stuck at 2.3 - can’t afford a new phone yet!)


Let me tell you – I’ve been using the Iphone app for Fiverr for a few months now. And I believe it has significantly contributed to getting more orders. Embrace this folks!!!


I was really happy and excited but could not last this for longer, It’s crashing frequently. Hard to use.