Fiverr for charity


Hello, I really want to setup a gig where 100% of the money i get from orders will go to a charity of my choice.

Has anyone done this already? I think there may need to be a feature from fiverr where it goes to the Charity’s Paypal and instead of mine? if it can do that; it would be great.




ooo that isn’t a bad idea, but i would need to manage the gig ideally.


i wonder if Fiverr would lift the ‘20 gig’ limit so that they could have hundreds of people doing gigs for them.

I think it’s a good idea :slight_smile: just want to do my bit for charity and fiverr seems like a good place to do it via my video gigs


This would be a hard gig to do.

The problem is… Well… to be honest… Why would I want to donate money to your gig? For all I know you’d just keep it yourself.

(I’m not saying you would… but I’m just giving an example).

If I want to donate to charity, I will do it through the charity itself. If I want to donate to the “Heart and Stroke Foundation” or donate to “Help Cure Cancer” or something. I’ll jsut go to their website and donate it to them directly.


Having been on the front lines of helping to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for some very well known charitable orgs, I know all to well that even a donation of $5 is not without it’s own particular set of legal, ethical and moral considerations.

While you’re goal is lofty and admirable, you might want to run that idea past your own attorney, and the attorneys of the org.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


thanks for the replies, i have my gigs that earn me money, i wanted to just have 1 gig where the money generated from that goes to charity.

I will forget the idea for now, thanks anyways


I think someone else had brought this idea up last month. The general consensus was:

  1. There is no way to guarantee where the money went.
  2. Fiverr would take 20% of the donation.

    I think most people were more uncomfortable with the 2nd point.


yes the 1st point is the hard one to prove, 2nd point is annoying but 80% of profit to the charity is better than 0% :slight_smile:


I donate to charities all the time. But I would never use Fiverr to do it. I would just go to the charity’s website and donate there.