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Fiverr for dummies?

Hi everybody…
Sooo this is my 4th month on fiverr, I usually come online on and off and basically I’m having trouble finding work here. I’ve made a gig and haven’t really seen any results as of yet.

Could you please review it and let me know what part i should tweak/update/delete?

I’d be really grateful if you could. :slight_smile:


Have you read through the posts from the Tips for Sellers section?

Hey mate! One thing you may want to try is to create some more gigs that are titled and tagged differently to see what sticks. Some of the very first gigs that I setup on fiverr I know longer have on my profile because they were not doing well. But through trying many different kinds of gigs along with different titles, descriptions and tags, I was able to create gigs that were getting orders.

You have to experiment a bit until you find something that works. But if you keep tweaking things you’ll find one that sticks!

You’re in a very competitive field. So, you have to be creative in order to stand out. How about adding a gig video showcasing your service?

Hi matden,

I would suggest putting up samples of articles you’ve written. Buyers who are searching through multiple writing gigs don’t have the patience to message you for a sample and need to see it. I would also suggest demonstrating your writing credentials in your profile and adding your picture so that buyers see the person who will be writing for them. Right now, your profile comes off a bit young and inexperienced. What writing experience and education credentials do you have? Put them there.

I didn’t when i first posted this, but I’m gradually getting a hold of the forums and fiverr itself. But now i have, picked up a thing or 2 which I’ll definitely experiment with soon. Thanks for the tip!

Hey man! Thanks for commenting, i agree. I’ll put up some more gigs now and keep what converts and drop what doesn’t.

I guess the experimentation phase has just begun for me. Fingers crossed, hoping for the best here.

I really appreciate the tips man, I’m definitely going to do just that. Thanks again!

Hmm i agree, wonderful idea. I’ll have to put aside my stage fright for a bit to make a video haha, but I’ll do it one of these days. Thanks for the tip bossman!


It’s a whole another picture from the buyer’s perspective. Very thoughtful of you, thanks for the tips!
I updated my profile and uploaded a picture just as you advised. And i never knew we could add samples to our gigs, thanks for pointing that out too!
I’ll do that tomorrow first thing in the morning.