Fiverr forced me to accept an order I don't want


So I bought some images from a seller. Fiverr shows me them with the Fiverr watermark on them and they’re 1000 pixels wide, so I guess Fiverr downsized them for the preview so I don’t steal and run. Images looked good, so I accepted the order so I could get the real thing.

Turns out, 1000 pixels wide was the actual dimensions of the image, which is insufficient for any computer monitor in the 21s century, but Fiverr already force me to close the order.

Am I just SOL?


What did the gig description say the image dimensions would be?


You got what you were shown so I’m not sure what you thought –
that’s 10.42 inches wide.

An image of the dimension 1000 x 1000 pixels will occupy about 95% of a screen set to a resolution of 1366 x 768.


From now on, tell the seller what size you require. As a practice, I always make sure I get the dimensions from buyers - they almost never include it on their own. You really need to be more aware when you contact a seller for a job, or else you end up with a situation like this one here.

At this point, you should ask the seller nicely if they can provide you with a larger size, or at least produce one for a small fee. If he refuses, not much else can be done. It was your responsibility to clarify the end product size, not his. Granted, he would’ve been wise to ask, not everyone will, and he isn’t really required. Now if it says he produces a larger size in his gig description than what he sent you, that’s a different story.


I was thinking I was getting what was described in the gig - sorry for expecting such.

…And, even my old 2012 MacBook is 1400 pixels wide, but the MBP I’m using now is 2880 by 1800.

What computer are using that uses 1366? Time for an upgrade!


If you didn’t like them after you got them you could have asked for a revision.

How were you forced to close the order?


What was described in the gig?

What should the seller have done differently? Usually when they send the finished product with the watermark for your approval, and you accept it, that means that you accept it.


Hello no need to cancel the order just contact the seller and let them know your problem
if your’re not complete the order yet you can reject order and ask for modification


Umm… You accepted the order not Fiverr forced you to accept the order. Fiverr can’t do anything after you accept the work.
As @glitchfool said:


Did you mention the requirements/dimensions you are looking for in the order requirement before starting the order? Some buyers do not provide the details to get the exact design whenever a designer asked questions got a rude reply "you are the designer, why are you asking me (happened with me). Most of them provide the context after getting the 1st draft. I do not understand why buyers did not give the exact information.


I don’t know why, but most people keep making images larger. It would be a problem if they were for a screen background, though. I was going to submit some images to an art website a few months ago, but they were very snippy that the images needed to be high resolution. They deemed that to mean minimum 24 megapixel images (their way of specifying it).

@macdonjo3 - Is there a specific reason why they should be larger than that? I’m just curious.


Sorry to ask again, but what size was described in the gig description? So long as the seller has provided what was described, you haven’t been forced to accept anything.

I completely agree with @glitchfool about how to handle this situation for this order, and for the future.