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Fiverr forcefully refunded a order that was marked complete

Today I faced an unfortunate situation. I had delivery done for a buyer which involved making some configurations in his virtual machine in AWS and providing guidance to his developers on flow in a demo. I delivered the work, did the demo customer was satisfied and even marked the offer completed and I was waiting for the 14 days to earn the funds.
Meanwhile, the buyer wanted me to work on another project urgently within an hour. I created a Fiverr offer for him, but he wanted me to complete the work even before accepting the offer. I rejected it at this point.

After some time that pending order for clearance was refunded suddenly by Fiverr saying it does not have a deliverable, while it clearly mentioned the work is completed and buyer himself marked it at complete at the once we demoed the configurations and all were confirmed to work as expected.

I am just nearly 2 months in the Fiverr, this expereince really shocked me. Is not normal for Fiverr to just refund an order without any interaction with the seller on what happened. All happened like within an hour so quickly. Secondly how are we supposed to delivery a configuration done in customer VM from fiverr site? Customer was not willing to record as it contained sensitive information.

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