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Fiverr form reading time

hi there ,
i am new seller . but i suddenly face a problem i spent 10 hours in a day at fiverr form but my read time increase only 1 hour can anybody told me what’s is the problem.

kind regards

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I don’t think that’s how it works. There are some very active members on the forum who have been here for several years and they probably also read countless posts a day. Yet, they only have a read time of about 60 hours or something. It is calculated based on the actual time you spend reading threads/posts. Each forum post you read is probably counted as 1 second or something. If you were to read new threads/posts for 10 hours non-stop… constantly scrolling through posts and constantly opening new threads for 10 hours (without stopping for even 1 second), then your read time would have probably increased by 10 hours LOL :rofl:

But why would you be worried about your read time on the forum anyway? It has no connection to the Fiverr website and it doesn’t help you get orders/sales/impressions whatsoever.

So, why bother about something that doesn’t affect you in any way? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


:grinning: i know bro but one of my close fried have 3 days read time .but we both open gig together so i was asking this . thanks for your reply bro … you are always awesome for me :wink: