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Fiverr forum activity badges

Hello everyone.
I have seen some badge which are given depending on your forum activity. Does that help in any ways to seller? Like getting TRS level.


Nothing you do in the forums will generally help get you sales in any way. As for TRS, I doubt it, but nobody knows exactly what metrics are used. Highly unlikely though, I’m pretty sure there are TRS that never even posted on the forum.


Thanks. I have seen some posts where people are giving advice to be active on forum to get TRS. As all Their requirements were full but not getting TRS.

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And lots of people meet the requirements, post on the forums, and still do not get TRS. There are far more important factors, even if (and I doubt it) forum activity is a factor at all.

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It sometimes matters… but not always true. Actually how algorithm works here no one can make sense…

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helpful information Personally I like

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Few days back I saw a person with 60k+ earning but level 2 seller. Actually that guy made comment regarding this in a facebook group with screenshot.

That made me wonder, and some people were giving advice about forum. That’s why I was trying to be sure.

By the way thanks.

Yeah that’s the secret. I wish we could know them. But I am thinking of being active atleast once in a week. lol.
who knows what become an asset someday.
Thanks for your answer too brother.

U like what brother? :roll_eyes::rofl:

I like the post brother.

thanks brother. Have a nice day.

There is a lot of baloney posted under the guise of “advice” here from people who have no idea what the heck they are talking about.

Being on the forum is great if you are willing to read the topics, search for what you want to learn about and post something worthwhile to help others. Otherwise, no, it is not going to get you brownie points with the Fiverr staff who picks TRS every month - even though, I am sure there will be that ONE person who will stand by their argument posting here - whether good or bad will somehow make you more attractive for TRS.



There are what, thousands of TRS sellers on the entire platform? There are how many regular forum contributors who also happen to be TRS? A dozen? Maybe less?

As aforementioned, forum activity has no bearing on account activity. If you want to do something that impacts potential sales, then the forum is the wrong place to do it, but it is a great place to get the latest news about the platform and also read about helpful tips and insightful experiences.


Thanks everyone. I got your points.