Fiverr Forum=Gig Service Growth?


Have any of you benefitted through selling by just answering questions and posting on the fiverr forums without even advertising your products? Let me know some of your experiences down below! Thanks!


No. These forums are for discussion topics. I’ve been a seller – and a regular on these forums – for a long time. I can speak from experience – buyers are not surfing through the forums looking for sellers to purchase from. Most of us are sellers here. We chat. We commiserate. That’'s why we come here on a regular basis.

The buyers are doing their seller-searching in the gig categories and via the Fiverr search system.


Hey @braden10collins nice Topic.
I was discussing with some other sellers about this.
I can say that @jonbaas right if we look from that way, but I have one other side…
I think that Fiverr look and follow what we work here and than can make some rank with us and give some points for buyers searching. I mean, why Fiverr use all statistic for forum, activities, answers, badges etc, if that didnt help at any way.
i don’t have any proof for this, but that is my thinking about all :slight_smile:
In any way, wish you all the best, and only thing that is sure, we need to kepp working hard. :slight_smile:
Have a nice day!


I know that some buyers mentioned that they selected some sellers from the forum. But they select sellers from the regulars, those that are consistently writing constructive posts.

So, writing ’ thank you, these are great tips’ or posting the gazillionth ‘tips for sellers’ thread won’t help a lot.

Given that there are not so many buyers out here, investing time in the forum for the sake of sales is not worth the effort. It can be a byproduct of something you like to do anyways.


26 of my sellers came from the forum total.

18 last year + 8 this year, so far.

I have another dozen or so book marked or favorited for future purchase, in case I need it.

I spend the most $ with multiple gig purchases from the sellers that I have found on the forum.

EDIT: Also,

Slightly disagree with mjakkerman, I don’t think it helps at all. Those post just annoy the heck outta me.


You’re a minority! :yum: 0.0000000000000000000000001%


Yeah? Prove it, buddy - guy - dude - bro!


No Dear Bro Sir, no way!!


If you are knowledgeable, trustworthy and professional, people will notice those things wherever you talk. This could be on the Fiverr forum, other forums, social media, the local pub or anywhere else.

If you talk rubbish, bore people by trying to sell to them (spamming), seem desperate and lazy then people will also notice those things.

People will hire people they see displaying the things in the first paragraph and ignore or block those in the second paragraph.


This is a very informative post, thanks.


Good tips! Thank you for your command!


I see. It makes sense that buyers wouldn’t want to have to go through this to find more options for purchase, as I’d believe they would stick to the true search bar. Thanks for your input!


I agree. It seems that the Fiverr Forums are littered with tip pages daily that are just repetitive spamming that nobody wants or needs. However, new sellers are naïve to the fact that this happens everyday and seem supportive of these threads, when in reality, a simple search could do them wonders.


Oh thank you for this! It makes sense that keeping a business-like and professional mentality throughout daily tasks would help influence the number of individuals who are interested in gigs.


I don’t actually think this is true. For one thing, there are quite a few forum regulars here who sell a lot, and quite a few that sell a little. There seems to be no pattern for being featured or achieved TRS based on regular forum involvement. The second reason I don’t think it’s true is that this forum was purchased as you seen it and the badges and other statistics were just part of that package. I don’t think staff have the time to really look through all that very much.

I agree with those who say that if you contribute in a meaningful way anywhere online, your sales activities (freelancer, blog, e-books) are more likely to get some traffic. If you don’t contribute on any social media or your contributions are spam/useless, that will do nothing or make people avoid your sales activities.


Thank you @fonthaunt on good answer.
I m beginer on forum and also not to long on FIverr and I made that thinking. I trust you and I saw many of samples, but also that is not reason to stop communicate on Forum.
I was learn a lot of things here and contact with few nice sellers which could help me about mz growth on Fiverr. Also, I m try to help anyone about things which I know.
I will believe in this my thinking, that Fiverr would use a little this statistic, but I don’t have proof for that. :slight_smile:
In any way, wish you all the best and other friends here.
Keep grow! :slight_smile:


I absolutely encourage Fiverr users to communicate on the forum and your posts are welcome! I can’t actually say that your guesses about statistics are wrong, either, I just gave you some thoughts on why I think forum activity doesn’t get much notice by staff.

I hope you will continue to discuss and learn and help others here. I think there are some users who just hop on the forum and write useless things or try to copy/paste tips from old blogs. I think that most of us who are on the forum often get tired of those. Those people aren’t really joining discussions. You seem interested in really talking with others and that’s great. Best of luck to you as well!


I think I’ve made one sale in four years through the forum.


Yes, sure! I saw a lot of things that you write in this post.That si true that many people coming here like robots and copy/past Topic and posts. I think that beginner can learn a lot of things here because I find few good sellers with a big experiences and what is better at all - they want to share knowledge.

I m continue to communicate here, for sure and I hope we will have a good conversation. in the future.
Wish you all the best and thank you for writing! :slight_smile:


i dont thing so…