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Fiverr Forum Hazing and Initiations

Hola amigos!

James here.

So I’ve been on the site for a while now; primarily just to make a quick buck whenever I can. High school life’s taken a toll on me though, and my services have drastically fallen lately.

However, I’m here to reclaim my rightful place on the throne of Fiverr’s palace. Errm, rather I’m here now to treat Fiverr as a serious business model and up my game (and make some serious dough). So competitors… be warned. (I’m kidding, I’m friendly. I swear! :joy:)

I also want to get involved in the forum, so go ahead with your initiation ritual or whatever you guys normally do around here. (I know I’ve got a dark robe and some candlesticks somewhere, so I’m ready)

How should I be hazed?

  • Be thrown in a pit of hungry lions
  • Be forced to reply on every forum thread
  • Have a debate against the esteemed, the unbeatable, Emmaki
  • Bear hugging everyone on the forum
  • Be damned to listen to “Baby” by Justin Bieber on repeat… forever (please no)

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Uhmm… so hi again! I’ll be seeing more of you around!


p.s. Tell me something about yourself, guys, I’d love to hear your stories


Hi James, welcome to the forum then. If you need an initiation ritual, just go to the Ranting Pot and post something about how there only should be 5$ gigs and no fees on Fiverr, or go to any category and post something about sellers posting on Buyer Requests.
Else, well, you want to get involved, get involved. Or go and fight the unbeatable lion at your own peril, or whatever you fancy. It´s a free country forum. Or not. Find out for yourself.


@emmaki you got some serious rep on the forum.


I’m always up for an argument. Do you have a point of view that you suspect I might be strongly against?

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Welcome to the forum James! :slight_smile:

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He was probably being funny and considering it’s good rep there’s no real harm :3

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How do you define good? :wink:


@emmaki I was chatting to @therealjamesarq and he said that the pepper in your picture is not small but that you actually have a big head. Discuss


Welcome, James. I :clap: your unusual and fun intro.

I was once bitten by a bobcat.

Be cautious on the forum around the time of the full moon.


Now that’s a deep question. Probably the same way I define bad.

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You know what? I may be young but I’ve lived in a time where Fiverr only had $5 gigs—the way it should be. “A customer has a complex project worth $500?”, heck, just make him buy a 100 $5 gigs. It’s FIVErr after all. You’ll get a ton of reviews in the process. Yada yada yada…

Kidding aside, I’m happy with the new features of Fiverr. :wink:

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I know right? I’ve heard of tales narrating the awesome deeds of the legendary @emmaki :wink:

Oh man! Sales copy, important? Ha! Whaaaat’s important is not this quote, unquote “killer copy” but a “killer product”. Any business that spends money on getting a sales copy made is wasting money.

I’m kidding! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’ve read your gig and already want to purchase, all I need now is a business you can write on. Haha

Hello I’m 21 from India.
I’m here to spend my free time, learn a thing or two and earn a dollar or two. Make a friend or two and god forbid mess with a person or two.


Thanks, @benlancer

Haha thanks, @fonthaunt, I try hard. pats myself on the back

And welcome aboard, @zeeshan_tirmizi!

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@eoinfinnegan, you promised not to tell anyone…

I can explain, @emmaki. I simply meant that your beautiful head is probably big to contain the really smart brain you have inside. :wink:

Never telling you anymore secrets, @eoinfinnegan! Haha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sorry James, I misunderstood. I thought it was just the other thing you said that I had to keep secret.

I’m also curious about what happened with @nikavoice who thinks you should be thrown in a pit of lions.

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Hahaha! Checked the polls, and sure enough, a single person, @nikavoice, wants to throw me in a pit of lions.

No explanations, no comment, no remorse!

It’s cool, my younger brother would probably want that to happen to me too…


To be fair, you would probably have a better chance at surviving the lions than a debate with @emmaki
External wounds heal quicker


Ahh, well see, I like to go against the grain. :smiling_imp:

Plus I sense you’re a fighter, you’ll FIGHT tooth & nails. Poor lion or lioness :lion_face: wouldn’t stand a chance. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Think 10,000 BC scenes. #conquered

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No issues, really. :slight_smile:

proceeds to flex imaginary biceps

Yeah, poor lions. :wink:

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