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Fiverr Forum Launch Video - We Want You!


Hey Everyone!

We want to create a video to help us announce the Fiverr Forum on the blog and we want you in it!

Send us a video with what you love about the forum, we’ll have it edited into an awesome montage :slight_smile:

In your video please:

  • Introduce yourself. Start with "Hi I'm (your Fiverr username)" and briefly describe yourself.

  • Share what you love about the forum and why others should come and join us!

  • End by saying "Join us on the Fiverr Forum!"

  • Keep it to a max of 30 seconds.

Please send your videos directly to me

I can't wait to start getting them!!


Anyone working on a video to send?


My husband is all over it! :slight_smile: Video coming soon!


We are :slight_smile: I think it is long overdue that we sent some of our work in for you guys!


Is there a deadline?


Reply to @lparziale: as soon as possible. We’re hoping to put it together in the next week or so,


Oh ok, that rules me out then, have a bad cold and no voice. Bummer…


Maybe do a husky voice one then :slight_smile: Play some Barry White in the background.


Cool Idea. I am in.


Hey all, the countdown begins!

Please send Jess your videos no later than Tuesday Nov. 20th


Reply to @madmoo: awesome!


can i still send the video?


Hey Jess, I just sent you my video which is only 22 seconds long. Thanks for this opportunity.



@smileyman sure, you can send it today. Thanks!


thanks jo for telling me about this! ill send one today!!


Ah I’ve just seen this, I’ve been super busy! I’ll send in a video tomorrow morning. I’m such a slacker! Thanks for bumping @oldbittygrandma :slight_smile:


I am looking forward to seeing everyones videos and what they come up with


IM Clueless sorry


Reply to @kevinwil: I emailed Jess my video this morning…


tick-tock, tick-tock… it’s the last day for videos!