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Fiverr forum picture refused to change

I noticed my fiverr forum pics refused to change to my current picture on my fiverr page.


Hi @adefmade,

Have you tried logging off the forum and clearing your browser?


Make sure you clear you browser cache.


Ok.thks.i really appreciate .you seems to know alot about fiverr🙂.
Then pls am also having this issue again about my average response time it’s at 14hr but I haven’t gotten any job since I registered on am surprised why will my average response time be 14hrs without any offer.

@maitasun thks it worked immediately I logged off and logged in again.:+1:

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Average response time is about messages. On average, it takes you 14 hours to respond to messages you receive.


You’re most welcome, @adefmade.

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Ok I now understand.thks

Ok.thks.but it was one of those sellers that was spamming my inbox about two years ago trying to sell his service to me😠. I Don’t want to mention the country’s name because I noticed they are found of doing that.

Once you start receiving new messages and respond to them quickly, your average response time should improve.

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Alright.i really appreciate👍