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Hello -

I believe that it would be better for the users to have one ICON selection changed within the Forum SEARCH criteria.

IF you were to change the “options” icon in the far right lower corner of Forum SEARCH entry area of the web page ( ? ) I believe that placing the icon “Advanced Search” directly under the primary SEARCH TOPIC field Initially , users would be able to perform Advanced Searches quicker. In addition, the user would know immediately that Advanced Searches are available in this site, immediately upon their visit to the same.



This, correct?

You think it would be better if it were labeled “Advanced Search”, right?

The “ options “ Icon should be replaced with a “Advanced Search” Icon and placed to the Left side of the screen just below the Primary Search Text Field. ( IMO ).

I’m not sure the location can be easily changed. Discourse offers a lot of tools (supposedly), but modifying code can break stuff, right? I do think a label change would be nice, but a location change might be risking too much.

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