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Fiverr Forum = SPAM Central

Time to leave the forum. It’s a mess. One big huge spamming platform. It extends to my personal inbox and these sellers who have no professionalism or marketing education are spamming me there too, ruining my Fiverr experience.

All this forum is anymore is foreigners spamming their low quality gigs and filling up the forum with junk and nonsense and Americans whining and complaining over $5. People coming to the forum and posting ‘how do I get sales?’ before reading the THOUSANDS of posts GIVING YOU ALL OF THE ADVICE YOU NEED!

Later forum users, had some good convo but can’t find a single discussion here anymore worthy of my time and input. Enjoy…

DTong (Top Rated Seller)

Sheriff’s shouldn’t need the be removing bot posts as those are still fairly easy to filter out using other methods.

What concerns me most is that security and software updates have been ignored for years on the forums and i’m pretty sure i’m not the only one who has notified fiverr.

Seems to me it’s more likely that fiverr plans to dump the forums rather than updating.

hi i am new 2 feverr. howdo i get sales plzz?

Just kidding. Don’t leave us; we need to band together and fight the spammers.

Quite messy with spams unrelated to Fiverr recently too…

  • Do you know how to recover your lost photos?
  • Need fake licenses?
  • Guide to SEO link building… with an external link of an Indian company
  • sgsgsfgh
  • A string of crazy @$#Gfdg321%$^&'fsGF?G>f[]gs3r2

    Lucky that the forum sheriffs seem quick to remove all these crazy spams.

Reply to @willpower_hk: The most recent one is about call girls in Dubai. :expressionless:

This is so true. The lack of professionalism in many sellers ruin the Fiverr experience. It’s true that some even extend to the inbox and ruin our response time and time we could use to respond to our actual buyers. Some even take the cheap step in sending offers to buy their gigs.

But, but, but…you need to be here to be a TRS! This is such an important avenue for being a Top Rated Seller! #LOL

It’s not exactly the most talkative group, but you could post in the TRS Only forum. Zero spam in that section.

This forum is full of spam!

I remember the days where I read useful discussions, nowadays what I found is 90% spam.

Well, I never participate into the forum since I start joined Fiverr almost 5 years ago and I still able to become TRS.

This forum is full of spam, especially those SEO gigs. They made a good story of themselves how good their Fiverr journey was but 90% was fake. They just want to you to buy their useless SEO gig.

The platform itself also having problem, I rather join discussion over LinkedIn Fiverr page rather than here, not worth our time.

ChrisData ( Top Rated Seller )

Reply to @chrisdata: I became a TRS long before I even knew the forum existed.