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Fiverr forum time count system?

some problem long time I’m stay to a fiverr forum but no adding time some times count why? plz tell the solving…


And why is that important?


Not sure why it’s important either, staying on the forum doesn’t help you in any way with your account on the main site, in case you got that idea from some of those “stay online on the forum” tips.

There is a counter for reading time, not for staying time, so it should only count the time you actively read, i.e. scroll through posts, which at least makes kind of sense, as some people learn from reading forum posts. So, if you need to get a higher forum reading time, I guess you’ll have to read more posts, not just stay logged in.
Being logged in only but not reading or taking part, helps neither you nor the community, so it doesn’t make sense to count that time.


Time is add after 1hrs so check after 1hrs

thanks to your information but please help for gig??

Keep your gig title meaning full and different from others and also attractive

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Well, I replied to your question, you didn’t say anything about wanting help with your gig, also this forum category is for Forum Feedback, so giving you tips about your gig here would be very off-topic.

If you would like people to check your gig and give you tips about it, you can post and add a link to your gig in the forum category Improve my Gig:
People who feel like spending their time looking at it and giving you tips, can reply then.


Thanks for your nice feedback:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Word salad. … Sorry, I can’t tell what you are asking.

If you are asking about how long you stay on the forum then why does it matter?


Thanks for the detailed info:-)

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They are mistaken. It’s a shame they spread wrong information to people.

It probably does help to read the forum though if English is not your first language. At least you would get in some practice in English.


That is so horrible. They are “teaching” something that they have no idea about, advising harmful things for sellers and making market place génerally worse place with sellers concentrated on the wrong things :pensive:


Their main intention is to make students get most out of Fiverr forum (like tips, tricks and so on). Not that Fiverr forum helps sellers get orders.

There are no tricks.
There are no tricks.
Eradicate that word and the idea that is behind it from your mindset.


Remember you can’t trick the system, so don’t even try. :policeman:

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