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Fiverr Forum: To share or not your url on your profile?

I noticed that some experienced sellers choose to share their Fiverr url in the forum, while other sellers hide it.

From a marketing perspective, it is much better to share your url in here, for two reasons:

a) You are getting impressions and while impressions alone do not mean much, do not forget that buyers also read the forums. So you are more open and let people get to know what you offer.

b) You are letting potential partners to know your services. They can save your gigs and have you in mind if they need your services.

I would be interested to read from people, sellers, who choose to hide their urls. Could you elaborate?


I think most ‘other sellers’ don’t hide their Fiverr URL, so much as that they don’t know how to set it up in their profile, or that they even can.

Most experienced forum users have taken time enough to explore the options. I have considered removing the direct link, but anyone who knows how to modify or edit a URL, or even run a search engine can access my profile easily enough.

I’m not a big-time profile by any interpretation, but I know that some here on the forums hide their whole profile, specifically to deter spammers.

Personally, the way I see it, there are two main reasons someone might actually look at my Fiverr profile. One being a “who do they think they are” manner, to verify skill/credentials, and the other being a “gimme” manner, be that tips, tricks, work, spam, whatever. I have nothing to hide from the former, and I have a quick-message in place to address the latter.

Thus, on that ‘get impressions’ from forum people: I don’t want them.
. (Poll) How many orders did you get from the forum?
. Impressions aren't all that important. Here's why:


Interesting. Let’s read from people who know how to set it up in their profile and choose to hide it.

I had mine hidden for a long time then decided, why?

So now it’s out there for other Forum readers to see.

Will it bring me fame and fortune?


We’re talking about Fiverr here where the majority of Forum posts are about how to get impressions, jobs and gig rankings.

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I neither hide nor promo myself as a Seller in the Forum. My Seller handle is already there top of every post. If someone wants what I got put in em (sorry Red Hot Chili Peppers) then all they have to do is Search that in the real Fiverr. Anyone who can’t do that, I probably can’t help.

I also work on the assumption that this is mostly other sellers so they don’t need to see me say look at me every time they see me post anything.


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@soyd_khan Check this topic

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very nice explanation , I like it

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I have it on, but it’s pretty meaningless. I can check the profile of any poster, I just need to add their username to the URL. Makes absolutely no difference having it or not, specially since you won’t get ANY business out of the forums. This is 99% sellers, and the rare buyer that does come to the forums comes to complain about something, not to hire anyone.


My take on this is that forum gurus hiding their profile from public is because they are sometimes appearing to be annoyed in their answers, as it might be the same thing over and over, and are not afraid to tell the hard truth to people.

The thing is that this can backfire on them if they were displaying their Fiverr link to their profile, as we know some people can be upset to the point of deciding to order with them, with the sole objective to give a 1 star rating as retaliation.

I guess it is just a thin freedom of speech filter they apply, that could indeed be easily obsolete once you know how to work on URLs.

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I don’t hide my Fiverr url in the forum. The reason is simple: I’m an artist, it’s normal for an artist to showcase himself and his art. At the same time I understand who prefers to hide, and not receive unsolicited contacts.