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> N.B This more like a suggestion or discussion rather than a question or query

As we who are using Fiverr Forum on the go we have to be logged in within our mobile or portable devices.
But every time go get back :arrow_left: we automatically get ourselves logged out. Which I feel super annoying and when we try to read any topic, Forum suggest us to read it from the desktop version. Come on man it’s 2021 everything is portable device friendly. So why our Forum is lagged? If everything is not possible within this Fiverr app then make a separate app for the Forum*. If Fiverr’s R&D team is busy we will do it. :house::hugs::hugs:


The forums are a separate platform, and not part of Fiverr. I’m not sure if you can get a Discourse app, but that’s the forum type.

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There’s a brand new version of the forum in the works, if we are lucky it will roll out real soon.

Hang in there.

P.S. I’ve seen a very limited preview of what it looks like, and it seems pretty cool!


First of all I am not agree that the forum is different from Fiverr. Because it’s Fiverr’s forum. ANYONE in Fiverr can be in it and discuss any topic publicly. Which is not possible in Fiverr.

So it an essential part of Fiverr.

And secondly why not it is possible!!
Being a software engineer I assure you that it is very much possible and they can integrate it as a update or lunch a different app named

Fiverr Forum
I hope now you will agree with me.

Thank you so much for the real-time update :innocent:. I hope that this update comes as soon as possible.

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May I know how come you have seen the limited preview of it?

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Because Matt was kind enough to share it with the mods team.


He is a moderator of Fiverr team or part of Fiverr team that is how he knows. :grin:

Ok I will :star_struck: and thanks for the information.

I am not part of the Fiverr team, I am a volunteer moderator.

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Okay :pensive: understood but I am partially right :grin:

I see that being right is really important to you, so I’m not going to argue.


Attempting to moderate this never-ending flow of chaos, and not being paid to do so! Committing to such a task may be construed as dedication, or madness! :wink:


We do moderate this large forum as a team, so not much pressure for any individuals (at least not for me) :sunglasses:

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