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Fiverr Forums and Discussions impact on your ratings

For you to make an impact on your ratings and giggs review you must join and be an active member in the forums and discisions. :)>- Unless you dont want to make any sells and get ranked, you have no option but to join the band wagon :)) :)) :))

this is far from the truth.

Not true, your forum participation may help you become a Top Rated Seller (although I barely participated when I was level 2), but it doesn’t impact your ratings at all.

Your customers’ reviews, cancellations do to lateness, that impacts your rating.

I’ve probably only had two sales that were related to being active on the forum. Most of the people who come here are either sellers or disgruntled/enraged buyers. There are better places to look, and advertise, for sales.

We have enough trouble getting new customers to read our gig descriptions, and you think they are going to read the forum?

The forum has not boosted my sales. I have got a handful of jobs as a result of meeting people on the forum. As a result of being a part of the conversation. I have never posted my gig or advertised on this forum. I participate to be helpful and it sharpens my thought process and skills. I believe our success is based 80% on personal development and 20% on skills.

I read the forum because it’s nice to have some idea of what’s happening with other sellers. I check in after I’ve checked new orders in the morning. I think it has lots of benefits.

Forum is very helpful to get tips and guides, which make you understand what to do and how to do. however it is not impacting on the ratings.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: thanks for the comment and help… how does the forums help boost your ratings and sells generally?

Reply to @customrapsongs: Does the formus help enhance sales or even tatings at a given point?