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Fiverr Fovorite exchange

Hey i saw on facebook a group that is for fiverr favorite exchange so i wonder does favorites helps to get orders??

The Facebook Fiverr Favorite Exchange is giving sellers false :no_entry_sign: information.
It has no effect on getting you orders. the Favorite :heart: on your gig page is merely a bookmark for buyers to “like” your gig for future reference.


Things like that are a perfect example for the wrong use of Social Media. Instead of taking the time and creating lasting relationships, people jump into a pool of people who all want the same thing. Just imagine beggars come together in order to beg from each other.
There are no short cuts. The road to success is paved with work. A good use of Social Media is work.
Groups full of people who all scream “Look at my gigs” are silly at best.