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Fiverr fraud not a trustworthy platform

I got my order canceled after one month of delivery. What kind of ■■■■■■■ policy Fiverr have? I have lost around $650 in this month. Fiverr is not ready for any compensation.

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Here you go :point_down:


Is there any chance to get compensation? I have already tried so many times with fiverr support about project’s money back.

What format was your delivery in? Text, graphic, etc?

The DMCA system (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) is in place for protecting your property (and if no money has been exchanged or it’s been taken back, it remains YOUR PROPERTY); I would contact the client directly here on Fiverr, ask if there’s been a mistake, and mention that if you do not receive compensation in (X) days - you decide how many days, I’d suggest single digits - that you will be forced to file a DMCA takedown notice, as your work is being used without pay.

Clients don’t fear Fiverr. They fear Google looking poorly at their sites.


My delivery was in a graphic format. I can’t contact to the buyer because his account is showing no longer available.

Do you know where the image ended up? Like, the URL?