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Fiverr Fraud?

Has anyone experienced buyers on Fiverr who will send you a message asking you to do a purchase swap? Meaning if you purchase on of their gigs, they will purchase on of yours? I have received several of these, and I feel it is equal to the Nigerian Prince giving away his fortune.

Are they new sellers? I have had some in the past who will try to get me to do this swap thing so we can give each other “good” ratings and help boost our presence on the site - I wouldn’t compare it to the Nigerian scam, as you both wouldn’t be out any money, and I am sure some less than ethical types do engage in this when they are new to “pad” their ratings. I haven’t done this scheme, never had to. But, I am sure some think they have hit the jackpot when they engage in such ratings manipulation tactics.


I had those contact me as well. I just ignore them and report it immediately.

I think telling them that it isn’t allowed would be enough since most of those people think it’s fine to do. I mean, it might sound like it’s a win-win for both since you only lose $2 in total ($1 from both orders, or more with the processing fees) to Fiverr and you get both a good review. But, it’s unfair to people who don’t resort to such things and do their best to get real customers. Not to mention that their gig might not even deserve the rating, even though they may think it’s best one on the site.

Just saying a simple warning before reporting them might be fine. Especially if it seems like it’s a genuine seller (with proper gig/s) who just hasn’t any luck with traffic for whatever reason.

I usually say no thank you in a polite way. But my name must be written on a bathroom stall somewhere because I am constantly bombarded with broken English requests to purchase their gigs, with an intent to purchase mine!

It does happen, however, I always politely decline and let them know I’m not interested.

Not to mention, soliciting other users is a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

Too many people are desperate to get started. I waited for 7 months before my 1st order, promoting and hoping i would get it. It is more honorable to wait for your order naturally. Avoid been ban, people should do the right thing.

Reply to @genuineguidance:

It is more of them trying to get you to purchase their gigs, with no real intent on purchasing yours!