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Fiverr freebies?

Freebies are what everyone loves! And why not available on Fiverr?

New sellers can post freebies for getting more attention. After they get 5 reviews, they stop freebies and go ahead.

What is your mention?

Are you suggesting that they add this as a function?

That’s a lot of effort on their part for no gain. Plus, I’d rather work with buyers who are at least willing to shell out $5 for some work rather than nothing. This feels suspiciously like bribing them to leave better reviews with free work.


Thanks for your suggestion! :slight_smile:

Not sure this would be very good for sellers, what is the point of spending any money if you can find a seller offering the same service for free on the same platform?


Freebies will be hard to find I think. It will be the first two days of the seller, and after that, he/she will make prices high. And that will not be constantly, only when someone registers.

Even so, there are so many new sellers coming and going constantly that there would be a steady flow of free work for buyers to take advantage of. It wouldn’t be good for any of the sellers individually, and would make building up a profile even more difficult.


I don’t think so, that flow of new sellers will disappear after they get reviews.

Exactly, I agree with this.

Yeah, but there will always be more coming in. Have you seen all the forum posts by new sellers that are posted every single day?

That will give advantage on the coming in, not filling up our pages with messages for wanting help.

Honestly, I doubt that.

Also, is it worth making the main site more of a cesspool just to save the forum?


Great tactic - let’s see if I can get my local Jaguar dealer to try it. The first 5 F-Paces given out free, for feedback you know. :wink:

It doesn’t happen with big businesses - it won’t happen here.


My idea was:

First 4 clients free, and no more permission to do this.

Fiverr already handout freebies such as coupons!



Jaguars are classy cars. Let me know how it goes! :smile:


We don’t really need another one! :wink:


Why not pay them to hire you while you’re at it?

Pay per click sort of.

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Saying all that @insects44, if you (or any other user) wants to find off-Fiverr potential buyers and offer them some sort of freebie to sign up to an email list etc. so you can market to them in the future then that’s an entirely different thing, and can be very useful! :sunny:

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Fiverr already has decided to fight its “that´s that $5 marketplace” image, see the moves for quality like tighter control of levels, the introduction of Pro gigs… I doubt they want to become the “that´s where you get people to do your work for free” place at the same time.


I think the idea of freebie is a bad one,
Every Seller come here to earn money not to earn review…please keep that in mind!

Don’t go for review, do your service and accept whatever review you get in return!

Try to make your keywords on title and tags searchable! You get result,need some time.
All the Best!

Why not have a thumbnail that says I’M DESPERATE PLEASE ORDER I’LL DO ANYTHING?

New sellers who think that giving it away is going to result in sales are going in the opposite direction from what works.

No one wants a free gig. It is seen as worse than useless.