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Fiverr freebies?

Why would a capable professional (or anyone who offers something of value and can deliver what they promise) want attention from those who are not even willing to spend $5?


Here is why we are sellers on fiverr. We are able to create something people want, and they want it enough to pay for it. This idea seems to not be clear.

Freebies? Like that, nope. If you work with a professional buyer, throw a freebie extra. If you want, ofc.

I appreciate you.:clap:
A professional buyer doesn’t seek the freebie, even they refuse them who charge less than fair price. Yes, it is helpful because I got to know that Fiverr is an anonymous site where most of the buyer newbie and onetime. If Fiverr start freebie system then I think They will come to get some fun for free and go back. That’s why I think it would not be a professional step.

Dishing out freebies left & right is the equivalent to working for FREE. A bonus here or there is fine if that floats the Seller’s :sailboat: boat. But making it a habit is no bueno (no good).

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Whew. It’s a good thing I was the 5th guy into the dealership this evening. This Jaguar is an awesome car! :wink:


If you ever in life want to make a living as a freelancer, you will never look out for buyers who want something for free. ‘You can recognize the winners and the loser at the start’.
Looking for freebee-seekers is, with all due respect, a total loser mindset, as it projects that you don’t value your work and time. How can you ever expect others to do that?


Wait so @offlinehelpers tip worked?! :hushed: Did you choose a nice color?
Pick me up and take me for a spin. :wink:

Kudos, @mariokluser ! :tada:

I think it’s desperation that kicks in for most. If they could give away their :tshirt: and :jeans: for free just to win the sale – they would. The same applies to the unlimited revisions, yikes just the thought of it a lifetime of revisions is a joke.


Yep. Metallic blue. I would have chosen a red one, but I hear red gets pulled over a lot. :wink:

I anticipated your request for a ride. I’m already waiting outside. :wink:

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Nobody on the planet wants to do business of any kind with somebody who is desperate.


Amen to that! Which probably explains why so many new sellers haven’t had any sales in years. :wink:

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I had a Jaguar Sovereign for a couple of years. The coolest ride I ever had.


Already? Damn, that was fast, you must’ve been pushing it. My hair is still wet, you gotta wait for a bit so I can blow dry my hair. :joy:

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You’ve got good taste! :ok_hand:t4: You strike me as a sophisticated type who enjoys the finer things in life. :wink:



Hmm, when a buyer see $5.00, here is what he thoughts: So low cost and the product made won’t have great quality. I would by a gig with higher price.

When a buyer see $0.00, he will thought: Give it a chance it’s only 0, and it’s rear.

Also, the seller can be a good designer and post high prices, but no one buys. If he makes $5, buyers will thought: “Ugh, those low cost designers”, but if the seller makes it free, all the buyers will think about it as promotion. And I think that promotion should be limited by fiverr to the first 4 buyers. 100% off!

The only things that costs $0.00 where I live is garbage.


Seriously? :joy:

I’m sorry, but what you’re suggesting doesn’t make an ounce of sense.

Um, no. Time is :moneybag: and :moneybag: is time. I didn’t join Fiverr to work for Free or donate my time to the first 4 buyers :100: % off. Maybe set up shop over at CL or something.

It’s like me walking into Saks Fifth Avenue store and asking the sales gal. “Hey, why don’t they give the first 4 shoppers a free Louis Vuitton handbag?” She would look at me like I’ve lost my damn mind.


We can’t get reviews if we give it away free so what possible reason would there be? I don’t want some lousy free gig. I want to pay for something nice.


If new sellers had freebies, what would happen with Fiverr? A lot of buyers would want to use freebies.
And that doesn’t guarantee 5 stars. What would happen if you work for free and you get 3 star review? It would mean you worked for nothing and ruined your account.