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Fiverr from a buyer's perspective

I remember when Fiverr was a much newer company. It was great. Apparently 10 years have passed. And a lot has happened.

Now the Fiverr site for buyers/employers is horrible. Easy communication with sellers is gone. Bloated scripts run the show, and they do it poorly. Customer service is gone. I’ve heard people talk about it, but clearly the links to reach CS have all but been removed – you know, just in case Fiverr owners need to worry less about complainers. I’ve learned that as a buyer I must never leave money in my account or the Fiverr CEO will make sure it gets into his hands. Just call it a processing or expiration fee.

Clearly the most aggravating thing about this once-great company is the apparent greed. It’s not enough that sales are in the millions. Buyers like me are now brow-beaten to tip contractors. But wait. Nobody pays ME tips. Tipping used to be voluntary. Now Fiverr asserts that it’s customary and takes a COMMISSION on tips. Apparently Fiverr needs some of that tip money too, even if it’s meant for contractors.

There are other ways to hire experts that are free from much of this. I imagine I will find the same talented people available elsewhere.


We get tips on max 5% of our orders, and that’s probably being generous in terms of the percentage. To say that we don’t expect tips is an understatement - the vast majority of buyers don’t tip us. Speaking to other sellers, that seems to be the norm.

My point here is you can just ignore the messages about tipping. I get that Fiverr might be a bit pushy, but this isn’t the food industry - most sellers are super-grateful for a tip (us included), but also entirely understanding if you choose not to. It’s completely voluntary, and we price so that tipping isn’t needed. It would be a shame for you to lose out on the pool of talent here for something that you can quite literally just ignore.


I am a new fiverr seller here, but I hope to keep the tradition of speaking with buyers. After all thats how both side gets the best out of it. I hope the experiences we all get improves in 2020. I wish the best of luck to us all.

Get a job as a waiter where you get talked to like dirt every day and people feel guilt-tripped into giving you tips because they know how little you get paid.

Alternatively, start selling on Fiverr. Get talked to like you’re dirt on dirt, deal with people who believe they have a right to reverse payment on orders (but still sell your work to their clients), sacrifice any idea of income or job stability, and get a ton of messages every day from people asking for discounts or feet pictures.

If you’d happily eat at TGI Friday’s and tip the waiter, tip the Fiverr seller because the waiter has it pretty easy. :wink:

Or just don’t tip.

Tell me about it. 10-years ago I bought books on Amazon. Now I live with a talking smart speaker called Alexa who records everything I ever say in an Amazon data center. To make matters worse, I have to pay delivery charges on ebooks and all the real-world shops I used to like are gone because Amazon put them out of business.

Things change. Do what the rest of the world does and just deal with it.


I made a purchase recently from such a talented artist I feel lucky to have access to this, for bargain prices. I thought it was a bit confusing, the way I was presented with little windows to communicate back and forth, but still, if you get the right seller, it’s simply an amazing experience. And I gladly tipped.

The pool of available talent here is incredible. And they deserve tips if they are really good, and I don’t mind paying the extra service charge because I’m aware of what I’m getting and that it’s worth a lot more than I paid overall. That’s my experience here, for what it’s worth.


I agree! There are some of us out there who believe in customer service and going the extra mile.

In fact, my buyers experience it, and many of them become repeat buyers. Please don’t think all of us are horrible!

It might be a bit harder to find us, but we are out here. Read profiles and feedback from other buyers; you’ll quickly see where to find gold. We’re here!


What do you mean?

Here’s the direct link:

You can get to it by scrolling to the bottom, clicking on Help>I’m a Buyer>Buyer Help Center>Contact Us

Or, from the main site, scroll to the bottom, click on Help & Support>I’m a Buyer>Buyer Help Center>Contact Us.

I’m guessing that the extra steps are there because many answers can be found in the Help Center, but there are those who overlook it and then wait for the answer from support instead of simply reading it immediately.

What happened?

It still is. Fiverr can be pushy, but they’re not actually forcing you to leave a tip.

You might, but if you’re looking for them on bidding sites, where they have to spend time crafting proposals, don’t be surprised if their prices are higher.


This is wrong. Tipping in Fiverr is optional.