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Fiverr: Full time or Part time?

I’ve been using fiverr over 3 years now. Started using it as a full time after my graduation and ended it up when i got a full time job at a University as a lecturer.

I’ve been using fiverr as a Part time business for the last 4-5 months, but earn quite a lot using only this part time experience.

Share your experience to take part in knowing how many of fiverr sellers are using fiverr as full time business or part time business.


Great going Logeek… I own a Studio so for me its almost like a Marketing Tool for my business… i have lot of other clients but here on Fiverr i get to meet lot of new and interesting ones and i get to do good international work which otherwise was little difficult…

It’s not a bad income stream, but anyone going professional at this online work lark really needs more than one income stream–things can, and will change. I’m sure quite a few sellers and buyers here have worked at a now-defunct major freelance site that I can’t name, but sounds like freelance with a speech impediment–and boy, did they mess up that merger…

I don’t usually post unless I’ve got something useful to say but today your posts are rocking, like the dry humour!

I do freelance full-time, but I’m not working only on Fiverr, since I don’t have a great income yet, so I have to do something else also. But from all the freelancer platformas, Fiverr is definitely my favorite. Looking forward to working full-time on it.