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Fiverr funds (and other ideas)

If I were a Fiverr user, who invests and benefits from Fiverr I would like to give Fiverr funds for other users to benefit applying the Italian concept of ‘cafe sospeso’, which is paying for a coffee so the next customer that asks the barista a coffee, gets a free one. Someone else already paid for it.

Having created this funds Fiverr can then select who to destine this help, in other words, startups and serious users who struggle to meet the astronomical priced offers for their project to kick off.

With this concept Fiverr may be able to help cost half of one project or the totality of other project.

If Fiverr likes the ‘cafe sospeso’ approach, money awarded to help future users who struggle with budget, based on funds donated by ‘wealthy’ users. This may open a new philosophy of supporting and taking care of users, similar or different, to crowdfunding sites that exist.

For example if I invest $5.000 for a project with a Fiverr seller, and this results in a future $100.000 profit. I would be delighted in giving 1% or a bit more of my profit for Fiverr Funds program. Knowing this can benefit or help other users struggling to make their project a reality for simple reason of lack of budget.

I believe in human generosity and solidarity!

I may be wrong but from my experience on Fiverr, I have this perception of it:
that it’s every man for himself.

If the culture could be one that encircles more solidarity and more win-win type of interacting Fiverr will benefit a lot from this drifting away from competition for better.

Buyer rating by sellers. Like distinguished sellers exist, distinguished buyers may also be worthy of recognition. Not just by 5.0 scoring system, but also by: knowledge of the matter, inclination to give tips, leadership.

All in all taking care of users, improving users’ (both sellers and buyers) culture will give Fiverr super boost compared to competition!


Therein lies the core problem of such a program.

How exactly would Fiverr select the users to assist and the users left to cough up full price? If only startups receive this fund, then just about every buyer will claim they are a startup to get access to it. “Serious users” is so incredibly vague and how would one qualify a serious user compared to a regular user? It is too open to interpretation, which in turn opens it to preferential treatment and exploitation.

Animosity would fester as some buyers are picked out to benefit while many others receive no aid. How would refunds, cancellations, and chargebacks be handled if Fiverr is the one holding half or the entire bill through this program?

Fiverr is first and foremost a business, and such a program would be (what I believe) a disastrous step away from business and a step towards some form of artificial equity.


I like the idea. I’m all for ‘pay it forward’ and similar pleasant surprises, but this isn’t the right environment. Fiverr is HUGE, not like a small café or bakery where the the main traffic and interaction is one-on-one, face-to-face, and (usually) on-foot.

Again, I like the idea, but I think if you want to enact Caffè sospeso, you should do it where you are, in your local community. A local school, for example. That 1% could have a fantastic impact on a future generation.

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You are right. Fiverr has the right minds that made it a business and I trust they have the right minds to find solutions to your inquiries!

You are right. Fiverr is huge and it’s because of brilliant minds who run it. I trust these minds can find solution or modify or innovate the idea of Fiverr Funds!

OH look! Socialism!




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Um. No. Fiverr is huge because it has no barrier to entry and 2020 happened.

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Yeh… you are right !

Yeh… you are rights agains !