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Fiverr Funds Held By Irrationally by Fiverr


So I create a gig seller does not deliver as per specification. I get the gig cancelled. All good so far. I have funds left in my fiverr account. ($10 since you ask) I then go to purchase another gig ($25 since you ask) When I go to make payment fiverr ignores the fact that I have $10 on account and asks me to pay the full $25 which I do. When I raise this with customer support they say that this is normal and that I will only be able to use the balance I have ($10) if I purchase a gig that is $10 or less. Nonsense surely!!!

UPDATE ****** 26th Jan 2015 *************

Just to make this more interesting I received a $15 'Gift" from fiverr today.

Redeem this offer by 11:59pm EDT March 26th, 2015 and receive a Gig valued at $15 when you order any of the Gigs listed on this page. The offer is only valid when you purchase a Gig from the link provided. The $15 is applicable for purchasing a single Gig only and can’t be spent on several Gigs. ***** Orders for more than $15 will automatically have $15 deducted from the order. Any remaining payments required to complete the purchase must come from an additional payment source. ***** This promotion is limited to one per person and is exclusively for the recipient of promotional message.

*** SO this to me means that fiverr can do what I am asking above but CHOOSE NOT TO !!! If this is not an intentional bug in the system then I surely don’t know what is. **** I still have not heard from any person at fiverr saying that they will fix it. Is it normal at this company for them to ignore customers whose intention is to help improve the platform?


When you signed on Fiverr, you should have read TOS!

In BUYERS section, Purchasing paragraph you can find:

If you have funds in your account balance, either from your Shopping or available Revenue balance, it will be automatically applied to your next purchase, but only in the event that your balance covers the entire purchase amount.


Reply to @mark74: Yes I understand that this is part of Fiverr TOS but I am saying that this is flawed. Their system should be able to make a simple calculation to request only the $15 balance that is required to completely pay for the current order. This is normal practice for most online portals marketplaces where you have accounts. As an example if I had payed this amount using paypal I could easily have yanked this money back. Ultimately this would have cost fiverr both in time and administration fees.


Reply to @kjblynx: In an international business that fiverr now is this is flawed. Check around you will see that this is not “normal”


Fiverr needs a new tagline: “If you like jumping through hoops, Fiverr’s the place for you!”

@bachas85, are you saying that an order with extras is processed as two separate orders or that the extras have to be added after the clock is ticking on the basic gig order?


They should allow clients to “add” money to their balance so that they CAN use what is left over or in there. I think the TOS is flawed in that you have to make a separate purchase altogether if you decide to spend more or I would imagine if you only wanted to spend $5 you couldn’t?


bachas85 said: Off you have $10 in credit and you want to order a $15 gig... You have to order up to $10 first, and then add $5.

This just confused me more. :) How is the $10 ordered 'first'? How is the additional amount added?


Reply to @itsyourthing: after placing an order, you have the opportunity to add extras with one click within the order itself :slight_smile:

itsyourthing said: the extras have to be added after the clock is ticking on the basic gig order?
So it was bachas85 who was confused when I asked this. :)



Reply to @bachas85: Thanks for the info!