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Fiverr & Future Business Prediction of 2019


Happy new year to all. Hope everybody passing new year so good. So, it’s over and again we are going to start out busy life. We are thinking how to start this year and how can we become success in Fiverr. We can predict for this year 2019. How to grow more customers in Fiverr and how to improve our skills to provide most exclusive services thru Fiverr to make customers happy. First we can predict which kind businesses will moving forward by this year 2019:

  1. Business predictions for 2019: My opinion is consumer goods and digitalization in global supply chain for consumer goods. Decentralization of desk job and no work station for desk job.
    I am looking for forum participants comments too.

  2. Business terms with Fiverr: As I said digitalization and no workstation, so you can predict whats going to happen in next… When you need sourcing, you will need some sourcing agent who have real experience with consumer goods and he can predict from online to source goods globally. So, real field experiences will grow up values in online. Because those are still absent in online marketplace.

  3. What should be our target: Learn more about practical status to collect information. need to gather strong database based on consumer goods supply chain.

I am really too small to think lot of this but its my prediction. I also hope to get your ideas and predictions too.

Thanks to all.


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Would love to, but I’m afraid I don’t have a clue what your post’s about, Maybe others will be able to contribute who know more about it?


And i thought i was the only one who didn’t understand what the OP wrote. Maybe he is talking about Fiverr as a whole business and from their perspective.


I think the OP may be used to writing for a different, more specific target audience, which would understand his post.

The Fiverr forum needs a different style of writing for the rest of of us who aren’t experts on the subject. :slightly_smiling_face:


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Hello brother, thanks for your feedback. It’s my self prediction about future business and how can Fiverr marketplace interrelate more to prepare and sustain Fiverr workforces fitted with next job opportunities.
Look, I am asking for consumer goods. May be you know well about cap/ hat what you are wearing on your head. Suppose you are living in Java and you need 1000 pcs Panjabi hats. May be manufacturer from india and you want to order online to create those for india. Now you will search sourcing agent form online. but I know most cases agents are failure to assure qualities because they havent enough data and i can show you several examples. Most fitted workforces are working inside office under some branded label like Walmart, Microsoft, google or else. But workforces are gonna decentralize within 2021, thats called global digitalization. So strategies gonna changes globally to maintain global supply chain and how to develop our data to improve AI in global supply chain for consumer goods sourcing and developing a secure system to creating expertise in specific areas. Thanks.


What if the person you’re talking to is not a “brother” but a woman?

It’s never a good idea to use words like bro, sis, sir, dear, madam, brother, sister, “dearly beloved,” etc… There are several forum posts on this topic:


Interesting predictions but I don’t see it.

Most of Silicon Valley hates telecommuters, they do not trust them. They want people to show up to an office so they can monitor them. The same goes for most businesses.

Telecommuting jobs are rare, I have seen so many job ads with “no freelancers, no work from home” in their job description, so even if workers want to work from home, employers aren’t listening.

I can predict that employers will continue demanding too much from their employees. For example,
a friend of mine is an Web Marketing Manager, and he complains that people keep asking him to write web content even though that’s not in his job description. So far he does well because he’s really good at his main job, but who’s to say what employers will be demanding in the future?

Not to mention the threat/opportunity of automation. What jobs will it create or destroy?


Hope you are well. Yes, you are right, absolutely “brother, bro, sis, sister…” things are not looking professional too. My mistake. Thanks to notice in an early ages. One more question to you: “Is it perfect and professional to use excessive emoticons?”
can you please reply because I have really lack of knowledges about forum writing…

Thank you…


My pleasure to get your comments. I am also working for fashion goods manufacturing and sourcing. Of course thats a job you need to be physically present on the situation to ensure smoother supply chain. But global changing and digitalization we gonna left our biggest office spaces, circulated no workstation, and digitalization in global supply chain… I am really confused all about those.



Do you mean when interacting with your clients? I might use one or two emoticons only when I am extremely comfortable/have built a good rapport with my client and/or when we’re sharing a lighthearted conversation :slight_smile: But never excessive. Using excessive emoticons would definitely be a turn-off, imo.

However, if you’re talking about using emoticons (here) on the forum, feel free to use them to your heart’s content :wink:


Thanks. I would like to write to express my mind rather than using this.


Well, good for you. :slight_smile:


Maybe you know about Victoria secrets, if you this, then must know Calvin Klein and KHQ , Lands End etc. I you know all of those, you must know about Global brands group from USA, if you know this, you must know about Artie Rabin, a pioneer of fashion business in USA, biggest businessman, and all fashion license products supplier in USA and Europe. Do you know, all about global supply chain, how will it stands for, and how much people are working behind this? What will be next in 2 to 3 years… I am raising my questions to all i Fiverr forum how can we improve Fiverr and future of us who are working with Fiverr… I am expecting some progressive, value added, professional, and helpful replied from forum. Because I think, if all we gonna predict something about out future and out workforce system, maybe we can get some output because we don’t know everything. I am predicting here, I am very much positive, and that’s totally nonprofit terms for my side and focusing to grow ourselves fitted for future.

Thanks a lot.


As sellers, all we can do is to keep delivering the best work we can for buyers etc. so that they purchase from us more often and so on.

Beyond that, we have no influence as to how Fiverr as a whole will improve.

As far as predicting the future goes - I don’t think any of us can do that. I watched ‘Tomorrow’s World’ in the 70s. They predicted all sorts of future technological advances - very few of them came to fruition.


As a individual contractor, I have always been paid for my output, not my input. I quote on the cost of completing a task and I get paid for the completion. I don’t get paid by the hour. I don’t get paid to show up and occupy space. I can work from anywhere because my client/boss doesn’t need to audit my time. They just need to audit progress, completion, and quality.


That sounds like a fascinating job, with a lot of growth and opportunity. Sounds like logistics to me, good for you.

I can tell you that every change has drawbacks. Some offices got rid of cubicles and embraced open office concepts with no walls, then people complain because it gets too loud. Some folks love cubicles because it gives them a little privacy, their own personal space.

I take every change with a grain of salt. Back in my day, my boss was crazy about stand-up desks, where you work standing up. She gave up after an hour. Stand up desk may be newsworthy, but they aren’t practical. Most people want to sit down if they’re going to work in front of a computer.

It’s the same with walking meetings, to promote fitness, some offices encourage that, but it’s ridiculous and it hasn’t caught on. You can’t do a PowerPoint presentation while walking, you can’t take notes while walking.

Sometimes people condemn the old and traditional without understanding why it became traditional.

True innovation must solve a real problem. E-mail solved the problem of the fax machine. Streaming is more convenient than going to a video store and renting a DVD. Fiverr solves the problem of how to hire people quickly.


I am sorry OP, but what you wrote there is a lot of fluff with no meaning. First of all, stop comparing Fiverr with companies that produce something. Fiverr is a platform for people to find freelancers, that’s all it is and that’s all it will be. It has nothing to do with produced goods.

What supply chain? This is a website! There’s nothing WE can learn about anything here, as we don’t have access to the data that Fiverr has access.

We can only test our market and our skills, and even that would be a limited point of view, because we might be the exception to the rule.

The only Business prediction on Fiverr is determined by how well we are going to sell our services and how well we are going to adapt to the changes that this platform impose. One might have the most productive year the next 363 days, and someone else might have the worst year of their lives.

Maybe we should stop chasing fairy-tales and abstract predictions with no real data and focus on becoming better so we can make more :heavy_dollar_sign::dollar::dollar:

At least, that’s my plan. :slightly_smiling_face: