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Fiverr gave me 1 star review

Hello forum, I’ve got a bit of a problem so I’m wondering if anyone of the sellers came out victorious from this one (or even had experience like this).

I do audio mixing and mastering, which means - a buyer sends his music for me to work on.

In this case, buyer haven’t met the requirements for the gig - didn’t send the right files for me to start working on. I applied a resolution giving him time to upload the right thing, but this was a problem because he was recording at some studio and couldn’t get in touch with them. Naturally, extended deliver date ended and delivery has gone late. Buyer canceled the gig and got a refund, and system automatically gave me 1 star review for not delivering on time. Buyer even said in the resolution in exact words that this is all his fault and he haven’t provided what he needed.

Asked CS for feedback removal, and they said they couldn’t do anything about this!? How can I deliver an order without receiving something to work on? I did apply a resolution for extended delivery because the buyer didn’t uploaded, but that also ran out. To make matters worse, I can’t give feedback on my 1 star delivery because it was from Fiverr, not the buyer.

I lost my level 2 seller this month just because of clients not uploading the material on time and me getting late orders (86% delivered in time). I get it, the music files are big and it’s complicated to prepare them, but now I have 4.7 rating which I also have to rush to improve because of the order I couldn’t even deliver.

When will Fiverr realize that their new system is not natural either for either sellers or buyers, it doesn’t work and it’s frustrating for both parties. If only I would have a button for “Gig’s requirements not met” (and the order countdown will not start until they are this would never happen.


Sorry to hear you’ve had problems. :neutral_face:

Have you ticked the box ‘answer is mandatory’ in your requirements for sending files through? It’s not foolproof, but it does decrease the chances of an order starting without you having everything you need. :sunny:


This seems to happen a lot to sellers.

You cannot expect an order to go late without any delivery without getting an automatic one star review.
It is not an excuse that you didn’t get the information or files you needed to do the job. Did you think if you let the order sit there with no delivery it would be ok?

When this happens sellers are supposed to cancel the order.

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Better and do not do the job.

When you are not ready to work

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Whenever this happens it is the seller’s fault, not the buyers. You cannot say the buyer didn’t send me what I need so I didn’t do anything and now I have a one star review. Of course you have a one star review!

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